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Best all for one champions

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Welcome to the One For All Tier List, The best champion picks in OFA. Since One For All is a vote pick, your teammates may need a little convincing. There may be some champions disabled if riot sees’s them as unfair. Remember to play accordingly, just because your Bard doesn’t mean you can’t be your team’s ADC. Alright, shall we? let’s jump right into this One For All Tier List.

Majority Vote (3 Votes) will win the Champion Vote.
If the Vote is a Tie a random champion will be selected instead.

Owned and Free Champion will be available.

Best One For All Champions

Tier List of the Best One For All Champion Picks, The strongest One For All champions are within S-Tier, and some the worst and least fun in F-Tier. If you want to have fun and give your team the best chance at winning. You should choose a One For All champion within S,A,B Tier since they are among the best and funniest Champions in this One For All Tier List.


What You Will Find In The Higher Tiers: S A B

The funniest champions in this all for one tier list, tend to be those with unique spell interaction. Some of the Best one for all Champion examples of this are Gangplank’s E Barrel, Darius Passive Hemorrhage. due to there unique interaction with your teammates, as well as the overpowered plays you can make with them. There are tons of fun champions in one for all, most of which are ranked higher in this one for all tier list. Akali can share her W Twilight shroud, as well as proc other Mark of the assassins. Some times you might just want to play a wacky champion, then the Best one for all champion might be bard for you. Then there are the classic’s mostly overpowered in nature, like Lux and Vel’Koz due to there high amount of damage spells. Almost any mage that has high damage, as well as a strong snare, root, stun is considered among the best one for all champions.

Shared Effects

The following champions can apply debuffs and cast abilities with shared effects. This means if using the same champion, other players can gain benefits from debuffs and abilities they did not originally cast. For example: When poison by Cassiopeia, any Cassiopeia players can gain the benefit of the cooldown refresh from her Twin Fang ability.

Power In Numbers

The rest of these abilities are strong due to the shear volume of champions casting the ability. this can range from AOE damage spells to champions with Hard CC that can punish with Perma stuns. One of my personal favorites, Blitzcrank Q rocket grab ability.

Passive – Second Skin: Similar to Vayne you can more easily stack you auto-attack passive and deal big damage versus tanks. Don’t forget the W’s that allow your whole team to jump to an enemy champion.

Passive – Absolution: Much easier to stack mist, since anyway can apply the Weakened Soul debuff which deals bonus damage based on targets current health.

Brand icon

Brand QBrand RBrand WBlaze_Debuff

Passive – Blaze: 3 stacks of this passive will happens almost all the time with 5 brands and all there AOE spells.

Q – Sear: With so many enemy champions on fire, landing this with the stun effect will be effortless.

W – Pillar of Flame: Not only does this make brand lane phase extremely difficult to versus, it does so much damage in and out side of team fights.

R – Pyroclasm: This spell alone is the reason brand is among the best one for champions and is a recommended one for all champion ban.



Passive – Mark of the Storm: This passive shares the marks with every kennen player, this means a lot of stuns are going to done due to this passive.

W – Electrical Surge: Since the enemy will almost always have a mark on them, using this ability will be that much easier while adding another mark of the storm.

R – Slicing Maelstrom: The main reason kennen is among the best one for champions within this one for all tier list.



Passive – Garden of Thorns: This passive can get so out of control, players tend to take baron and dragon objective early in the game with the help of this passive.

W – Rampant Growth: thanks to this you have a bit more control, as well as the option of having a zyra junglepogchamp.

R – Stranglethorns: Like with most AOE CC abilitys it sets zyra among the best one for all champions. combo that with her plants becoming empowered from the same spell. Zyra is one of the best champions in the one for all tier list.



Q – Time Bomb: Landing these double bombs has never been easier. Zilean comes really close to being one of the Best one for all champions. However the lack of damage is possibly the biggest problem.
R – Chronoshift: 5 revives can reduce a lot of deaths. having at least one tank Zilean might not be a bad idea thanks to this spell.



Passive – Hemorrhage: Every player will share darius’s passive. Stacking your bleed alone ranks darius fairly high on this one for all tier list.
R – Noxian Guillotine: The dream come true, the 5 man dunk is back! This is why darius is one of the best one for all champions.



Passive – Z-Drive Resonance: Procing this will be a breeze with 5 Ekkos, sharing the on target cooldown is the only downfall.
W – Parallel Convergence: This is what makes Ekko one of the best all for one champions in this tier list. Shields and AOE Stuns not to mention these are some beefy shields.



Q – Rocket Grab: Blitzcrank has no shared effects, he does however have one of the funnest play-styles in this one for all tier list. It also happens to be really strong placing him among the best one for all champions.



Q – Light Binding: Snare lock down is one of the reason Lux is among the best one for all champions.
W – Prismatic Barrier: Stacking shields with lux can reduce the overall damage taken, strong but not quite as good as Ekko W shield stack.
R – Final Spark: This spell alone makes Lux a high ranking champion pick in this all for one tier list.



Q – Hymn of Valor: Enough of these being spammed can really hurt the enemy team, not too mention the bonus damage you get from the aura.
W – Aria of Perseverance: This spell ends up making Sona one of the best one for all champions. Sona is often highly ranked in most game modes not just this one for all tier list.
E – Song of Celerity: Perma Sivir Ult movement speed buff anyone?
R – Crescendo: This ability in this game mode takes the term dance party up a notch.

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