Pokemon Legends Arceus Guides

Welcome to our Pokemon Legends: Arceus Guide Database here; you can find in-depth guides for every pokemon, location, item, and more. This page will be kept up to date with the newest Patch Notes and events occurring in Legends: Arceus.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus Guides Database

Pokemon Legends Arceus Popular Guides
These are guides that every player should have handy when playing Pokemon LA.
Item Types
Pokemon Legends Arceus Guides Based on Type
Guides for each Pokemon Type, these guides include Best Pokemon, Moves List, Pokemon Locations, Type Weaknesses, Stats List.

All Guides

List of all our guides in PLA

Pokemon Legends Arceus Pokemon Guides

List of every pokemon you can find in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Egg Group Guides

List of every pokemon egg group and what you can use to chain breed in PLA.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Locations Guides
All locations you can discover in PLA; we included pokemon you will encounter, hidden items found, and objectives in each area.

Obsidian Fieldlands Locations

Crimson Mirelands Locations

Cobalt Coastlands Locations

Coronet Highlands Locations

Alabaster Icelands Locations

Pokemon Legends Arceus Items List

Items come in various types, Held Items, which pokemon hold to gain bonuses, Evolution Items which trigger a pokemon evolution. Below is a complete list of all items and how to obtain or, in some cases, craft using materials.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Crafting Materials List

Pokemon Legends Arceus Crafting Materials can be used to make healing items, poke balls, and more. The guides listed below for every material will contain a guide on where to find them and the best way to farm the specific material in Pokemon LA.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Material Farming Guides

While you explore, you will encounter Ore Deposits and Tree in which you can farm for Crafting Materials; depending on the location and the Ore Deposit/Tree, you have a chance of receiving certain materials.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Request List

Pokemon Legends Arceus List of all Request you can be give through out the game, this includes where to start them and the rewards you will receive from completing them.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Trainer Guides

Pokemon Legends Arceus Trainer List of every type of NPC you will encounter and in some cases pokemon battle.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Moves Guides

Pokemon Legends Arceus List of every Move that can be learned by pokemon in PLA.