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Pokemon Legends Arceus Ice Moves List

Ice-Type Moves

Pokemon Legends Arceus Ice Moves List of stats, such as Power, Acc, PP, and even additional Effects. We also include rankings for weakest and Best Ice Moves to deal damage with in Pokemon LA.

Best Ice Type Moves in Pokemon LA

You can learn 10 Ice-Type Moves in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Ice moves like Mountain Gale, Ice Beam, and Blizzard are among the highest damage dealing moves.

  • Type (Fire, Water, Grass, etc) – Determines the Move strengths and weaknesses.
  • Power (Damage) – Power determines how much damage it will deal.
  • Acc (Accuracy) – Acc determines chance rate to miss and hit.
  • PP (Power Point) – PP determines the amount of times you can use that move.
  • Effects – Moves can have additional Effects (Inflicting Status Aliments, Recovering HP, etc.).
Ice Type Moves List
TIER Move Type Class Power Acc PP Effect
ICE-Type Special 110 70 5 May freeze opponent.
Ice Beam
ICE-Type Special 90 100 10 May freeze opponent.
Mountain Gale
ICE-Type Physical 100 85 5 The user hurls giant chunks of ice at the target to inflict damage.
Ice Punch
ICE-Type Physical 75 100 15 May freeze opponent.
Icicle Crash
ICE-Type Physical 85 90 10 May cause flinching.
Ice Fang
ICE-Type Physical 65 95 15 May cause flinching and/or freeze opponent.
Icy Wind
ICE-Type Special 55 95 15 Lowers opponent's Speed.
Ice Ball
ICE-Type Physical 30 90 20 Doubles in power each turn for 5 turns.
Ice Shard
ICE-Type Physical 40 100 30 User attacks first.
Powder Snow
ICE-Type Special 40 100 25 May freeze opponent.