Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus generally do not have stat differences compared to their regular counterparts when going by past games. These Pokemon do not have higher stats, and their appearance is entirely cosmetic. The Shiny variants of Pokemon are incredibly rare and take time and patience to find, so it is best to prepare yourself before beginning to search.

Pokemon LA How To Catch Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon have a random chance to spawn out in the wild, and this base chance can be increased by completing certain conditions. It should be noted that not every Pokemon can be found Shiny; these Pokemon Shiny Locked, therefore you can not find them Shiny no matter how many times you encounter them. We will list the Pokemon that are Shiny Locked below, along with the base Shiny Chance and its multipliers.

  • All Static Pokemon; Legendary, Mythical, (This includes Phione and all Legendary Story Ecounters) are Shiny Locked
  • Starters are Shiny Locked
  • All Gift Pokemon are Shiny Locked
Condition Chance
Base Chance 1 in 4096
Pokemon Research Level 10 1 in 2048.25
Perfect Research 1 in 1024.38
Pokemon Research Level 10 with Shiny Charm 1 in 819.60
Perfect Research with Shiny Charm 1 in 585.57

PLA Shiny Pokemon List of Images

List of Shiny Pokemon Images, here you can view all the pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Version Variants.

Regular Shiny
RowletShiny Rowlet
DartrixShiny Dartrix
Hisuian DecidueyeShiny Hisuian Decidueye
CyndaquilShiny Cyndaquil
QuilavaShiny Quilava
Hisuian TyphlosionShiny Hisuian Typhlosion
OshawottShiny Oshawott
DewottShiny Dewott
Hisuian SamurottShiny Hisuian Samurott
BidoofShiny Bidoof
BibarelShiny Bibarel
StarlyShiny Starly
StaraviaShiny Staravia
StaraptorShiny Staraptor
ShinxShiny Shinx
LuxioShiny Luxio
LuxrayShiny Luxray
WurmpleShiny Wurmple
SilcoonShiny Silcoon
BeautiflyShiny Beautifly
CascoonShiny Cascoon
DustoxShiny Dustox
PonytaShiny Ponyta
RapidashShiny Rapidash
EeveeShiny Eevee
VaporeonShiny Vaporeon
JolteonShiny Jolteon
FlareonShiny Flareon
EspeonShiny Espeon
UmbreonShiny Umbreon
LeafeonShiny Leafeon
GlaceonShiny Glaceon
SylveonShiny Sylveon
ZubatShiny Zubat
GolbatShiny Golbat
CrobatShiny Crobat
DrifloonShiny Drifloon
DrifblimShiny Drifblim
KricketotShiny Kricketot
KricketuneShiny Kricketune
BuizelShiny Buizel
FloatzelShiny Floatzel
BurmyShiny Burmy
WormadamShiny Wormadam
MothimShiny Mothim
GeodudeShiny Geodude
GravelerShiny Graveler
GolemShiny Golem
StantlerShiny Stantler
WyrdeerShiny Wyrdeer
MunchlaxShiny Munchlax
SnorlaxShiny Snorlax
ParasShiny Paras
ParasectShiny Parasect
PichuShiny Pichu
PikachuShiny Pikachu
RaichuShiny Raichu
AbraShiny Abra
KadabraShiny Kadabra
AlakazamShiny Alakazam
ChimcharShiny Chimchar
MonfernoShiny Monferno
InfernapeShiny Infernape
BunearyShiny Buneary
LopunnyShiny Lopunny
CherubiShiny Cherubi
CherrimShiny Cherrim
PsyduckShiny Psyduck
GolduckShiny Golduck
CombeeShiny Combee
VespiquenShiny Vespiquen
ScytherShiny Scyther
ScizorShiny Scizor
KleavorShiny Kleavor
HeracrossShiny Heracross
Mime Jr.Shiny Mime Jr.
Mr. MimeShiny Mr. Mime
AipomShiny Aipom
AmbipomShiny Ambipom
MagikarpShiny Magikarp
GyaradosShiny Gyarados
ShellosShiny Shellos
GastrodonShiny Gastrodon
Hisuian QwilfishShiny Hisuian Qwilfish
OverqwilShiny Overqwil
HappinyShiny Happiny
ChanseyShiny Chansey
BlisseyShiny Blissey
BudewShiny Budew
RoseliaShiny Roselia
RoseradeShiny Roserade
CarnivineShiny Carnivine
PetililShiny Petilil
Hisuian LilligantShiny Hisuian Lilligant
TangelaShiny Tangela
TangrowthShiny Tangrowth
BarboachShiny Barboach
WhiscashShiny Whiscash
CroagunkShiny Croagunk
ToxicroakShiny Toxicroak
RaltsShiny Ralts
KirliaShiny Kirlia
GardevoirShiny Gardevoir
GalladeShiny Gallade
YanmaShiny Yanma
YanmegaShiny Yanmega
HippopotasShiny Hippopotas
HippowdonShiny Hippowdon
PachirisuShiny Pachirisu
StunkyShiny Stunky
SkuntankShiny Skuntank
TeddiursaShiny Teddiursa
UrsaringShiny Ursaring
UrsalunaShiny Ursaluna
GoomyShiny Goomy
Hisuian SliggooShiny Hisuian Sliggoo
Hisuian GoodraShiny Hisuian Goodra
OnixShiny Onix
SteelixShiny Steelix
RhyhornShiny Rhyhorn
RhydonShiny Rhydon
RhyperiorShiny Rhyperior
BonslyShiny Bonsly
SudowoodoShiny Sudowoodo
LickitungShiny Lickitung
LickilickyShiny Lickilicky
TogepiShiny Togepi
TogeticShiny Togetic
TogekissShiny Togekiss
TurtwigShiny Turtwig
GrotleShiny Grotle
TorterraShiny Torterra
PorygonShiny Porygon
Porygon2Shiny Porygon2
Porygon-ZShiny Porygon-Z
GastlyShiny Gastly
HaunterShiny Haunter
GengarShiny Gengar
SpiritombShiny Spiritomb
MurkrowShiny Murkrow
HonchkrowShiny Honchkrow
UnownShiny Unown
SphealShiny Spheal
SealeoShiny Sealeo
WalreinShiny Walrein
RemoraidShiny Remoraid
OctilleryShiny Octillery
SkorupiShiny Skorupi
DrapionShiny Drapion
Hisuian GrowlitheShiny Hisuian Growlithe
Hisuian ArcanineShiny Hisuian Arcanine
GlameowShiny Glameow
PuruglyShiny Purugly
MachopShiny Machop
MachokeShiny Machoke
MachampShiny Machamp
ChatotShiny Chatot
DuskullShiny Duskull
DusclopsShiny Dusclops
DusknoirShiny Dusknoir
PiplupShiny Piplup
PrinplupShiny Prinplup
EmpoleonShiny Empoleon
MantykeShiny Mantyke
MantineShiny Mantine
Hisuian BasculinShiny Hisuian Basculin
BasculegionShiny Basculegion
Alolan VulpixShiny Alolan Vulpix
VulpixShiny Vulpix
Alolan NinetalesShiny Alolan Ninetales
NinetalesShiny Ninetales
TentacoolShiny Tentacool
TentacruelShiny Tentacruel
FinneonShiny Finneon
LumineonShiny Lumineon
MagbyShiny Magby
MagmarShiny Magmar
MagmortarShiny Magmortar
MagnemiteShiny Magnemite
MagnetonShiny Magneton
MagnezoneShiny Magnezone
BronzorShiny Bronzor
BronzongShiny Bronzong
ElekidShiny Elekid
ElectabuzzShiny Electabuzz
ElectivireShiny Electivire
GligarShiny Gligar
GliscorShiny Gliscor
GibleShiny Gible
GabiteShiny Gabite
GarchompShiny Garchomp
NosepassShiny Nosepass
ProbopassShiny Probopass
Hisuian VoltorbShiny Hisuian Voltorb
Hisuian ElectrodeShiny Hisuian Electrode
RotomShiny Rotom
ChinglingShiny Chingling
ChimechoShiny Chimecho
MisdreavusShiny Misdreavus
MismagiusShiny Mismagius
CleffaShiny Cleffa
ClefairyShiny Clefairy
ClefableShiny Clefable
Hisuian SneaselShiny Hisuian Sneasel
SneaslerShiny Sneasler
WeavileShiny Weavile
SnoruntShiny Snorunt
GlalieShiny Glalie
FroslassShiny Froslass
CranidosShiny Cranidos
RampardosShiny Rampardos
ShieldonShiny Shieldon
BastiodonShiny Bastiodon
SwinubShiny Swinub
PiloswineShiny Piloswine
MamoswineShiny Mamoswine
BergmiteShiny Bergmite
Hisuian AvaluggShiny Hisuian Avalugg
SnoverShiny Snover
AbomasnowShiny Abomasnow
Hisuian ZoruaShiny Hisuian Zorua
Hisuian ZoroarkShiny Hisuian Zoroark
RuffletShiny Rufflet
Hisuian BraviaryShiny Hisuian Braviary
RioluShiny Riolu
LucarioShiny Lucario
UxieShiny Uxie
MespritShiny Mesprit
AzelfShiny Azelf
HeatranShiny Heatran
RegigigasShiny Regigigas
CresseliaShiny Cresselia
ThundurusShiny Thundurus
Thundurus TherianShiny Thundurus Therian
TornadusShiny Tornadus
Tornadus TherianShiny Tornadus Therian
LandorusShiny Landorus
Landorus TherianShiny Landorus Therian
EnamorusShiny Enamorus
Enamorus TherianShiny Enamorus Therian
DialgaShiny Dialga
Origin DialgaShiny Origin Dialga
PalkiaShiny Palkia
Origin PalkiaShiny Origin Palkia
Giratina AlteredShiny Giratina Altered
Giratina OriginShiny Giratina Origin
ArceusShiny Arceus
PhioneShiny Phione
ManaphyShiny Manaphy
Shaymin LandShiny Shaymin Land
Shaymin SkyShiny Shaymin Sky
DarkraiShiny Darkrai
SneaselShiny Sneasel
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