Pokemon Legends Arceus Locations List

Locations List

Pokemon Legends Arceus Spawn Locations Map List, here you can find where to catch and find every pokemon in the game. We have guides for each location, the types of pokemon you can find, and their level ranges. Depending on the method, you will discover different pokemon in an area, walking through grass, surfing, and even pokemon via quests.

PLA Map Locations List

List of map locations in PLA, each location will consist of pokemon you can encounter, items you can find, and even special events, or quests within the area.

Obsidian Fieldlands Locations

Crimson Mirelands Locations

Cobalt Coastlands Locations

Coronet Highlands Locations

Alabaster Icelands Locations

PLA Pokemon Locations

Below you can find every pokemon location in Pokemon Legends Arceus, and we also included guides for specific types of pokemon just in case you are only interested in finding and catching Fire, Water, or even Electric Type Pokemon.

List of Pokemon based on Type