Pokemon Legends Arceus Request List

Request List

Below is a complete list of all the Requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus; within this list, we detail where you can start the request, how to complete and what rewards you will get.

List of How To Complete Requests in PLA

No. Request Where To Find How To Complete Rewards
1Wurmple Can EvolveSpeak with Beauregard outside the Galaxy Hall. catch a Wurmple 3x Dazzling Honey
2Adorable StarlySpeak with Marli, near the Galaxy Hall. complete Pokedex entry for Starly 10x Pokeball
3What Did Shinxs Ears Look LikeSpeak with Toshi, near Galaxy Hall. catch a Shinx Potion x3
4Big Buizel, Little BuizelSpeak to Dorian by the village gate in the south of Jubilife Village Catch a Buizel with a height of 2'8'' (0.80m) or larger (check pokemon summary to view height) 5x Oran Berry 1x Exp. Candy S
5What It Takes To Be AwesomeSpeak with a small kid inside a house right next to the craft shop give 5 Pokeballs x3 Grit Dust
6Mushroom Cake MarketingFound in Obsidian Fields, after you bring it for the third time. NPC is found right next to the camp. Springy Mushrooms are found in the South East corner of the Obsidian Fieldlands map. 1x Mushroom Cake recipe
7Playing With DrifloonSpeak with Miki near the South entrance of the jubilife village at night. When its night travel to Prelude Beach to the South of town. You will find a boy hiding behind the hut with Drifloon. Stardust x1
8Bothersome BidoofSpeak with Tsumugi near the East entrance to town. Find all three Bidoof and help catch them. Rare Candy x1
9Zubats EyesClarissa is found near the farm during the night, behind the houses. Catch a Zubat and speak with Clarissa. Aux Power
10Wurmples EvolvedSpeak with the Man outside the Galactic Hall. give a Silcoon. 1x XP Candy Small
11The Timbre Of The FieldsYeo is near the first camp in Obsidian Fields. You can catch Kricketot in Obsidian Fields. You need to complete Kricketot’s Pokedex to complete the Request. x3 Vivichoke
12A Perfect Pickling StoneInside Galaxy Hall, speak to Radisa. Geodude is found near Deertrack Path. After you catch one, Radisa can be found in her home, the houses near the farm inside the middle home. 3x Honey Cake, 1x Small XP Candy
13Trees That Bear BerriesIn Obsidian Fields a man will ask you to collect three Cheri Berries. Use Pokemon to knock berries from a tree. 15x Pokeball
14Berry HelpfulIn town after you meet the Diamond and Pearl clan leaders. Speak with Andra who is near the bridge in jubilife village. Found commonly in trees in the Obsidian Fieldlands. You must collect 5 Oran Berries. x3 Revive
15Balloon Race In The FieldlandsAt The Heights Camp. Speak with the man. While riding a Pokemon hit 17 of the balloons. 1x Rare Candy, 15x Feather Ball
16Strange Happenings At MidnightIn the town at night, near all the houses speak to Sanqua. Go into the house. Interact with the covered mirror at the back of the room, the table with the basket on it, the chest near the door, and then finally Interact with the furniture bear the side of the wall where you will find a Pichu. Nanab Berry
17To Bloom Or Not To BloomIn the town, near the farm, after meeting the Diamond and Pearl clan leaders. Complete 10 points of Cherrim’s Pokedex. 5x Vivichoke
18Please! Make Me A Pokeshi DollSpeak to Anvin who is located in front of Craftworks. You can find Wood in the South East corner of Obsidian Fieldlands, near Heartwood. Pokeshi Doll
19A Peculiar PonytaYou will need to catch a Ponyta. Speak with Yota who is near the Western bridge at night. After that you will head to Horseshoe Plains, and capture the Ponyta marked on the player's map. 5x Razz Berry
20The Mysterious Will-o-the-WispSpeak with Paira near the houses in town. Then head to the Windswept Run at night, located west of the Heights Camp. Use the objective tracker and Interact with the tree. You will find a Chimchar and can choose to Capture or defeat it to complete the request for Paira. 2x Small EXP Candy
21Back-Alley Mr.MimeSpeak with Andra about a Mr. Mime. You will then need to catch a Mr. Mime for this Request to become available. Travel around the back of the houses and approach Mr. Mime from behind. When he makes his way behind the Galaxy building, follow him again. Aux Guard x2
22Eerie Apparitions In The NightThis Request is given to you during the story. Collect 107 Whisps. 3x Twice-Spiced Radish
23Getting Ahold Of New WaresSpeak with Choy that runs the General Store. Bring 3x Hearty Grains to Tao Hua. You can find these comonly at the camp in the Crimson Mirelands. New Items in the General Store
24Inspiration From HippopotasSpeak with Anthe, the woman who runs the clothing store. Travel to the Crimson Mirelands and catch Hippopotas pokemon, you need 1 male gender and 1x female gender. You can find these pokemon West of Sludge Mound in the large pools of mud. New clothing shop items
25The Pokemon In The Woodland PhotoIn front of the Photography Studio in Jubilife Village Bring him a Buneary. New photography options
26Aim For The Big LeaguesSpeak with Taggart on Canala Avenue in town. Tavel to field in the Southern part of jubilife village and get enough points from the mini-game. 15x Great Ball, 1x Nugget
27Help Wanted Plowing The FieldsSpeak with Miller by the farm. Catch a Geodude and bring it to Miller at the farm. Additional Farming Fields
28Measuring Your CompatibilitySpeak with Belamy near the Pastures. Have a Pokemon that has high friendship with you. (Your starter pokemon will work most of the time.) 1x Rare Candy
29The Search For Bitter LeavesSpeak with Shinon on Canala Avenue in town. Travel into the Galaxy building and speak with Anise, next you will need to capture a Petilil. They can be found in the Crimson Mirelands near the Holm of Trials. 3x Fine Remedy, 5x Hopo Berry
30A Beautiful RoseSpeak with Berra at the Mirelands Camp in Crimson Mirelands. You just need to get 10 points Pokedex Entry for Roselia. 5x Grain Cake, 2x Small EXP Candy
31Setting Up The Bogbound CampSpeak with Meldon near Sludge Mound. Travel to the location marked on the map and defeat the Stunkys. New base camp.
32The Headache-Stricken PsyduckSpeak with Martia at the Diamond Settlement in Crimson Mirelands. Travel into the Galaxy building and speak with Tomma. Return to Martia to complete the Request. 1x Max Revive
33What A Massive MushroomFrom the Research Board after you catch Parasect. (You can also Evolve to obtain) Speak with Morel in the village, and deliver the Parasect to complete the Request. 5x Candy Truffle
34Croagunks Curative PoisonSpeak with Pesselle of the Medical Corps inside the Galaxy Hall. Catch a Croagunk and bring it to complete the mission. 1x Full Heal, 3x EXP Candy Small
35Battling With PachirisuYou need to catch a Pachirisu to get this Request. Remove all Pokemon from your party except your Pachirisu, then Travel to the Crimson Mirelands and speak with Ren. Win the battle to complete the request. 3x Sitrus Berry, 1x Grit Gravel
36Watering With CareYou need to catch a Sudowoodo. Travel to Crimson Mirelands to speak with Odo. Bring a Pokemon with Water Pulse. Psyduck, Shellos and Gyarados are a couple of pokemon that can learn the move in PLA. Heavy Ball x15, Exp Candy Small x3
37The Fragrance Of Nostalgic HerbsSpeak with Risa in the Galaxy building. Catch a Tangela. Smoke Bomb x5, x2 Exp Candy Small.
38Gone The MirelandsSpeak with Zeke in Galaxy Hall. Travel to the Crimson Mirelands and find Zeke's sister in Gapejaw Bog. 3x Stardust
39All About MagikarpSpeak with Ceci in town outside of the Galactic building, you need to catch a Magikarp to unlock this request. You need to have a complete Magikarp Pokedex of at least 10 points.
40The Charm Lost In The SwampSpeak with Yojiro at the Sludge Mound camp in Crimson Mirelands. There’s a small island in the middle of a swamp, where you will find a shining object in the water. Approach it to fight a Hippowden and complete the request. 5x Iron Chunk, 1x Grit Gravel
41An Elegant TailSpeak with Asabei in town. Catch a Glameow. 2x Aux Evasion, 2x Grit Gravel
42Help Wanted Watering The FieldsSpeak to Miller at the farm. Bring any water Pokemon to Miller. More fields.
43More New WaresSpeak with Choy after completing Request #23 - Getting Ahold Of New Wares. Obtain 3 Pop Pods. You find Pop Pods along the beach in the Cobalt Coastlands. More items in the shop
44The Pokemon In The Nighttime PhotoSpeak with Dagero outside of his photography room. Catch a Duskull. You can find Duskull in the Cobalt Coastlands, and is also found at the Deadwood Haunt location during the night. More photography options
45Shells of the East and WestSpeak to Anthe, the clothes shop owner. Catch a Shellos in Obsidian Fields (South of Sandgem Flats) and Cobalt Coastlands (on a small island). Shellos appears during sunny weather in the day. New items added to the clothier's lineup
46Setting Up The Coastlands CampSpeak with Gully on the South East side of Cobalt Coastlands. Find Yorrick on one of the nearby coastlines, rescue him to complete the Request. Base camp
47Balloon Race In The CoastlandsAfter you complete Firespit Island, go to the Coastlands Camp. Complete the course and pop at least 27 balloons. 1x Nugget, 10x Ultra Ball
48The Taste Of HomeSpeak with Floaro in his house. Gather 3x Hearty Grains, 2x Hopo Berries, and 1x Razz Berry and bring them back to Floaro. The Hearty Grains are found in (Crimson Mirelands). You can buy the others from the store in jubilife village. Jubilife Muffins recipe, 5x Small EXP Candy
49Keep An Eye Out For AipomSpeak with Hiko near Seaside Hollow on Cobalt Coastlands. Defeat 2x Aipom. Scatter Bang x5, Exp Candy Medium x1
50Double The Tails, Double The FunSpeak to Netta in town. Requires ability to ride on water. You need to catch a Finneon. Found in Seagrass Haven in the Cobalt Coastlands. 1x Star Piece
51Coming Up RosesSpeak with Hiemo on an island in Obsidian Fieldlands, requires ability to ride on water. Bring a Scyther, you can catch one in the Obsidian Fieldlands, in The Heartwood. 1x Seed of Mastery
52Eevees EvolutionsSpeak with Floaro from Construction Corps. Need to Complete Request #48 - The Taste Of Home Travel into Galactic Hall and speak with the Umbreon and then make a Jubilife Muffin. 1x Rare Candy and either 1x Firestone, 1x Water Stone, or 1x Thunder Stone.
53Octillerys InkSpeak with Radisa at her shop in town. Riding on water is required to get this Request. You need to complete the Pokedex 10 points for Octillery. You can find Octillery on Islespy Shore, on the Northern edge of Cobalt Coastlands. This will require you to fly or swim. 5x Bean Cake, 1x Exp. Candy M
54Serving Up Swap SnacksSpeak with Bonn at the candy stall. Gather a Sootfoot Root (Crimson Mirelands), Springy Mushroom (Piles of Hay), and Hopo Berry (Buy from shops in Town) and bring them back Swap Snack Recipe
55Poor Peckish PiplupAfter capturing a Piplup, head to the Cobalt Coastlands and travel to Tombolo Walk. Make a Bean Cake, the recipe is purchasable at the crafting store. 3x Hyper Potion, 5x Razz Berry
56Getting Help From MachokeSpeak with Bosley in the Cobalt Coastlands. Complete the Pokedex 10 points for Machoke. 3x Grit Gravel, 1x Aux Powerguard
57The Taste Of HoneyFrom the Research Board in the professor's lab. Speak with Almous. Capture a Combee in the Grueling Grove in Obsidian Fieldlands. Next travel to Aipom-hill/">Aipom Hill, which is in Cobalt Coastlands. Then bext to the Ramanas Island, and begin shaking trees. 3x King’s Leaf, 3x Dazzling Honey
58Gone The CoastlandsSpeak to Zeke in the Galaxy building after completing the previous Gone Astray Request. Travel to the Cobalt Coastlands and search for her again. She can be found on a small rock just off the coast of the Castaway Shore area. Star Piece x1
59Misdreavus The Hairstyle MuseSpeak with Arezu in town. Bring her a Misdreavus, Found in the Coronet Highlands in the Sacred Plaza, at night. More hair styles
60Help Wanted Rock Smashing In The FieldsSpeak with Miller at the farm. Deliver any Pokemon with the move Rock Smash. List of a couple Pokemon that can learn Rock Smash are Geodude, Rhyhorn, Croagunk, Machop. More farming options
61Even More New WaresSpeak with the General Store Owner. Deliver 3 Crunchy Salt. Found in any ore, but most commonly in Alabaster Icelands. More general store items
62The Pokemon In The River PhotoSpeak with Dagero at his photography hut, You need to complete his previous Request first. Capture a Turtwig and bring it to him. More photography options
63Fancy, Fashionable WormadamSpeak with Anthe at her shop in town. Capture a Wormadam, you can also capture a male Burmy and level it up to evolve. More clothing options
64Getting To Know The GhostsSpeak with Ward in town. Earn 10 points for Gastly's Pokedex and return to Ward. 1x Linking Cord
65Setting Up The Mountain CampSpeak with Eshim in Coronet Highlands and start the new camp. Speak with the Bronzor and then speak to the other one to complete the Request New camp
66The Seas LegendFrom board in the professor's lab when you reach Fifth Star Rank. This request requires 3 pokemon, a Hisuian Qwilfish, Mantyke, and a Buizel. Next, you will want to evolve your Qwilfish into a Overqwil by using Barb Barrage while in the strong stance 20 times. After that head to the Coastlands Camp and rest at a campsite until evening time. Next, travel directly through the archway appearing out of the water. After a short cutscene, head to Seafoam Cave. Once inside, you can begin the fight and capture Manaphy. You can catch Manaphy & Phione
67The Clefairys Moonlit DanceAfter you catch a Clefairy, Request becomes available. Travel downstairs in Galaxy Hall and speak with the man NPC. Then head to Coronet Highlands. At the Highlands Camp, rest until Nightfall time and make sure it is a full moon. Interact with the Clefairy. 5x Salt Cake, 2x Exp Candy Medium
68A Nosepass To Guide The WayFrom the Research From the Research Board in the professor's lab. You get this Request after catching a Nosepass. Travel to Coronet Highlands and speak with Gully at the camp, you will then find her at the other side of the caves. Interact with her and give her Nosepass pokemon. 1x Black Augurite, 2x Exp Candy Medium
69Gone Astray...In The HighlandsAfter you complete Request #58. Speak with Zeke in the Galaxy Hall. Take Ursaluna to Coronet Highlands. The NPC can be located in the South of Lonely Spring. 2x Star Piece
70Colorful New LooksSpeak with Anthe after you finish her last Request. Deliver 1x Red, 1x Green, and 1x Blue Shards. More clothing options.
71New Wares Yet AgainChoy, the general store manager. Bring Sand Radishes, you can purchase from Tuli at the Caravan Merchant in town. More general store items
72Pesselles Easy ErrandSpeak to Pesselle in Galactic Hall. Bring 100x Medicinal Leaks, found almost everywhere or purchased from the Caravan Shop. Adamant Mint x1, Modest Mint x1
73Which Is The Real BurmySpeak with Leif near the farm. Capture a Burmy. Burmy is found from shaking trees with Pokemon. 1x Leaf Stone, 3x Exp Candy Medium
74A Bit Of Help From BlisseyAfter you catch a Blissey. Speak with Pippa in Alabaster Icelands. Travel to the marked location and defeat the Abomasnow Shiny Stone x1, 2x Max Revive
75Kirlia The Hairstyle MuseSpeak to the Hairdresser. Capture a Kirlia, This pokemon is found in Shrouded Ruins in the Crimson Mirelands and in the Snowpoint Temple. More hairstyles
76Mushroom Hunting With SwinubYou must have caught a Swinub and completed Request #33 - What A Massive Mushroom. Travel to Alabaster Icelands and speak with Morel. Make sure to bring a Swinub in your party with you. Next, travel to the three objective markers. 5x Sand Radish, 1x Exp Candy Large
77Gone Astray...In The FieldlandsSpeak with Zeke after completing the previous Gone Astray quest. Go to the Obsidian Fieldlands, South East of the Heights Camp. 3x Star Piece
78Setting Up The Icepeak CampSpeak with Brice in Alabaster Icelands. Travel North East in Alabaster Icelands, across the river, You will see a man (NPC) standing by a tree. Speak with him after that you can return to camp and complete the request. New base camp
79Balloon Race In The IcelandsSpeak with the man at Icepeak camp. Complete the course and get 30 balloons. 3x Nugget
80The Perfect Pickle RecipeAfter you complete Request #53 - Octillerys Ink. speak with Radisa in Jubilife Village. Bring her 2x Crunchy Salt, 2x Plump Beans, and 2x Kings Leaf. Twice-Spiced Radish Recipe
81In Search Of A Fiery PokemonAfter you complete Request #78 and set up camp, speak with Brice at the camp. Bring any fire type Pokemon. 3x Full Restore, 1x EXP Candy Large
82Traces Of A Lost VillageSpeak with Mani on the bottom floor of the Galaxy Hall. Travel to Alabaster Icelands and travel to the map objective marker, these are located in West of Arena's Approach. At that location you will find two Pokemon near a shiny object on the floor. It is a Torn Journal key item. continue to follow the marker of those two Pokemon. They summon a Froslass that you need to defeat. 1x Dawn Stone
83Snow-White Vulpix In The SnowYou will be asked to speak with Keaka. Speak with him at the Snowfields Camp in Alabaster Icelands. Find all the Vulpix/">Alolan Vulpix in Alabaster Icelands around Avalanche Slopes. 1st found on top of a large cliff. 2nd found on the edge of a pathway looking down at the slopes. 3rd found next to a large boulder and dead trees. 4th found on a small raised part of a cliff next to the path. 5th south sitting on ledge. 1x Exp Candy Large, Vulpix/">Alolan Vulpix
84The Bergmite EnthusiastTravel to the Settlement in Alabaster Icelands and speak with Dominia. Complete the Pokedex entry for Bergmite. They are found in Avalugg’s Legacy in the Alabaster Icelands. 3x Grit Pebble
85At Home Under The EavesOn the professor's job board. It asks you to speak with Ida who is near the Pastures during the day. You will need to catch a Chimecho before this Request is available. Follow the objective marker to complete the Request. 1x Sun Stone, 1x Rare Candy
86Gone Astray...In The IcelandsAfter completing Request #77 speak with Zeke. Found South West of Avalugg’s Legacy. A large hole in the snow will lead down to an icy cavern. You will find an Alpha Glalie here. 1x Ice Stone, 5x Star Piece, 1x Peat Block,
87Rolling With SphealSpeak to Senki in the Sacred Plaza in Coronet Highlands. Be sure to use and follow the objective markers. Spheal starts at the bottom of the hill, Spheal will begin rolling and you will have to follow it to complete the request. 5x Sticky Glob, 1x Rare Candy
88Steely LucarioSpeak with Lucario near the entrance inside the Galaxy Hall. Travel to the training grounds and defeat Lucario. You can find just outside the fence. 1x Grit Rock
89The Diamond Clans TreasureSpeak with Adaman at Grueling Grove in Obsidian Wastelands after you’ve completed the story. (Seen End-Game Credits) Win them in a battle Adamant Crystal, 1x Comet Shard
90The Pearl Clans TreasureSpeak with Iridia at the Icelands after completing the story. Win them in battle Lustrous Orb, Comet Shard x3
91On the Trail of GiratinaSpeak to Adaman in Jubilife Village after beating the game. Travel to the Cobalt Coastlands and into the cave in the North West corner, Turnback Cave. 1x Grit Rock, Griseous Core
92A Token of GratitudeBlackboard in Laventon's lab in Jubilife Village. Go to Floaro Gardens, located in the Obsidian Fieldlands and capture Shaymin. 1x Grit Rock
93The Darksome NightmareBlackboard in Laventon's lab in Jubilife Village. Go to Clamberclaw Cliffs, located in the Coronet Highlands and capture Darkrai. 1x Exp. Candy XL
94Incarnate Forces of HisuiAfter beating the game, go to Galaxy HQ and speak to Cogita. Landorus is found on Ramanas Island in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Thundurus is found in the Cobalt Coastlands, during Heavy Rain Fall weather. Tornadus is found in the Bonechill Wastes area of the Alabaster Icelands, during the Blizzard weather. After capturing all 3 of them, return to Cogita. Candy L
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