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Pokemon Legends Arceus The Taste Of Honey Request

The Taste Of Honey Request Guide

3x King’s Leaf, 3x Dazzling Honey

Where To Find The Taste Of Honey Request in PLA

Where To Find Request
From the Research Board in the professor's lab. Speak with Almous.

How To Complete The Taste Of Honey Request in PLA

How To Complete
Capture a Combee in the Grueling Grove in Obsidian Fieldlands. Next travel to Aipom Hill, which is in Cobalt Coastlands. Then bext to the Ramanas Island, and begin shaking trees.

You can find and catch Aipom, Combee at the locations listed below in PLA.

Combee Locations

Obsidian Fieldlands (The Heartwood, Grueling Grove, Ramanas Island)

Crimson Mirelands (Cloudpool Ridge, Lake Valor, Cottonsedge Prairie, Droning Meadow)

Cobalt Coastlands (Aipom-hill/">Aipom Hill)

Aipom Locations

Obsidian Fieldlands (Ramanas Island)

Cobalt Coastlands (Aipom-hill/">Aipom Hill, Hideaway Bay)

Alabaster Icelands (Whiteout Valley, Glacier Terrace, Snowfall Hot Spring, Heart's Crag)

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