Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus will have you facing rare and larger Pokemon called Alphas. Besides being larger than usual, these Pokemon also have distinct glowing red eyes. After noticing you, Alphas will chase you down and attack you. Although dangerous, they can be both captured and defeated. If defeated, they have a chance to drop rare items. As more information becomes available, we will include a list of potential items obtained by defeating Alpha Pokemon below.

Where to find Alpha Pokemon Locations in PLA

Below is a list of all the Alpha Pokemon found in the five significant locations in Pokemon Legends Arceus. We have included a map and table corresponding to help you better search and find Alpha Pokemon.

Obsidian Fieldlands Alpha Pokemon Locations
Lv. Alpha Pokemon Description
40 Rapidash-Pokemon-Image Rapidash Horseshoe Plains
45 Heracross-Pokemon-Image Heracross Grueling Grove
40 Luxio-Pokemon-Image Luxio Floaro Gardens
31 Floatzel-Pokemon-Image Floatzel Worn Bridge
30 Graveler-Pokemon-Image Graveler Grueling Grove
42 Stantler-Pokemon-Image Stantler Deertrack Heights
62 Blissey-Pokemon-Image Blissey Obsidian Falls
60 Gyarados-Pokemon-Image Gyarados Lake Verity
45 Snorlax-Pokemon-Image Snorlax Lake Verity
30 Parasect-Pokemon-Image Parasect Nature's Pantry
32 Staravia-Pokemon-Image Staravia Windswept Run
55 Magikarp-Pokemon-Image Magikarp Obsidian Falls
35 Golbat-Pokemon-Image Golbat Oreburrow Tunnel
60 Alakazam-Pokemon-Image Alakazam Sandgem Flats
30 Kricketune-Pokemon-Image Kricketune Windswept Run
16 Bibarel-Pokemon-Image Bibarel Tidewater Dam
65 Infernape-Pokemon-Image Infernape Ramanas Island
42 Scyther-Pokemon-Image Scyther Grandtree Arena
40 Lopunny-Pokemon-Image Lopunny The Heartwood
Crimson Mirelands Alpha Pokemon Locations
Lv. Alpha Pokemon Description
52 Lickilicky-Pokemon-Image Lickilicky Shrouded Ruins
50 Roserade-Pokemon-Image Roserade Day Cloudpool Ridge
55 Honchkrow-Pokemon-Image Honchkrow Night Cloudpool Ridge
45 Rhyhorn-Pokemon-Image Rhyhorn Diamond Heath
52 Raichu-Pokemon-Image Raichu Golden Lowlands
69 Whiscash-Pokemon-Image Whiscash Lake Valor
50 Onix-Pokemon-Image Onix Diamond Settlement
40 Carnivine-Pokemon-Image Carnivine Cottonsedge Prairie
61 Vespiquen-Pokemon-Image Vespiquen Cottonsedge Prairie
45 Tangrowth-Pokemon-Image Tangrowth Scarlet Bog
45 Skuntank-Pokemon-Image Skuntank Scarlet Bog
55 Ursaring-Pokemon-Image Ursaring Gapejaw Bog
58 Yanmega-Pokemon-Image Yanmega Droning Meadow
40 Pachirisu-Pokemon-Image Pachirisu Gapejaw Bog
46 Hippowdon-Pokemon-Image Hippowdon Sludge Mound
47 Toxicroak-Pokemon-Image Toxicroak Holm of Trials
65 Torterra-Pokemon-Image Torterra Holm of Trials
50 Hisuian Sliggoo-Pokemon-Image Hisuian Sliggoo Holm of Trials
41 Ursaring-Pokemon-Image Ursaring Ursa's Ring
Cobalt Coastlands Alpha Pokemon Locations
Lv. Alpha Pokemon Description
55 Hisuian Qwilfish-Pokemon-Image Hisuian Qwilfish Seagrass Haven
61 Ninetales-Pokemon-Image Ninetales Firespit Island
61 Gastrodon-Pokemon-Image Gastrodon Seagrass Haven
69 Empoleon-Pokemon-Image Empoleon Islespy Shore
60 Lumineon-Pokemon-Image Lumineon Seagrass Haven
56 Mothim-Pokemon-Image Mothim Spring Path
50 Tentacruel-Pokemon-Image Tentacruel Lunker's Lair
45 Purugly-Pokemon-Image Purugly Veilstone Cape
46 Octillery-Pokemon-Image Octillery Castaway Shore
40 Machoke-Pokemon-Image Machoke Castaway Shore
58 Gyarados-Pokemon-Image Gyarados Sand's Reach
45 Drapion-Pokemon-Image Drapion Ginkgo Landing
55 Mantine-Pokemon-Image Mantine Tranquility Cove
50 Walrein-Pokemon-Image Walrein Ginkgo Landing
65 Dusknoir-Pokemon-Image Dusknoir Deadwood Haunt
50 Golduck-Pokemon-Image Golduck Bathers' Lagoon
56 Chansey-Pokemon-Image Chansey Tombolo Walk
50 Ambipom-Pokemon-Image Ambipom Hideaway Bay
Coronet Highlands Alpha Pokemon Locations
Lv. Alpha Pokemon Description
69 Electivire-Pokemon-Image Electivire Cloudcap Pass
55 Luxray-Pokemon-Image Luxray Sacred Plaza
56 Gabite-Pokemon-Image Gabite Clamberclaw Cliffs
55 Bronzong-Pokemon-Image Bronzong Clamberclaw Cliffs
61 Mismagius-Pokemon-Image Mismagius Night Time Stonetooth Rows
74 Rhyperior-Pokemon-Image Rhyperior Sacred Plaza
77 Gliscor-Pokemon-Image Gliscor Primeval Grotto
57 Carnivine-Pokemon-Image Carnivine Lonely Spring
73 Probopass-Pokemon-Image Probopass Primeval Grotto
60 Steelix-Pokemon-Image Steelix Celestica Trail
60 Golem-Pokemon-Image Golem Bolderoll Ravine
60 Crobat-Pokemon-Image Crobat Wayward Cave
70 Hisuian Goodra-Pokemon-Image Hisuian Goodra Ancient Quarry
55 Mothim-Pokemon-Image Mothim Wayward Wood
62 Clefable-Pokemon-Image Clefable Night Time Fabled Spring
Alabaster Icelands Alpha Pokemon Locations
Lv. Alpha Pokemon Description
70 Gallade-Pokemon-Image Gallade Snowpoint Temple
70 Chimecho-Pokemon-Image Chimecho Lake Acuity
70 Gardevoir-Pokemon-Image Gardevoir Anytime besides Night Heart's Crag
61 Hisuian Sneasel-Pokemon-Image Hisuian Sneasel Avalugg's Legacy
68 Mamoswine-Pokemon-Image Mamoswine Avalugg's Legacy
70 Machamp-Pokemon-Image Machamp Arena's Approach
68 Abomasnow-Pokemon-Image Abomasnow Avalugg's Legacy
62 Swinub-Pokemon-Image Swinub Avalugg's Legacy
62 Glalie-Pokemon-Image Glalie Bonechill Wastes
65 Piloswine-Pokemon-Image Piloswine Avalugg's Legacy
65 Electabuzz-Pokemon-Image Electabuzz Icebound Falls
72 Froslass-Pokemon-Image Froslass Avalanche Slopes
70 Lucario-Pokemon-Image Lucario Icebound Falls
75 Garchomp-Pokemon-Image Garchomp Avalanche Slopes
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