Pokemon Legends Arceus Trading Post

In Pokemon Legends Arceus is a small stall in Jubilife Village named the Trading Post; this stall is used for two features: Trading Pokemon and spending Merit Points. Merit Points are acquired by completing NPC Tasks; additionally, if you play online, you will have the option to search for Satchels dropped by players who have blacked out. After finding the satchel, it will automatically be returned to the player. Afterward, the Players will get their items back, and you will be rewarded with about 50 to 100 Merit Points- MP for short.

Merit Point Shop List

After obtaining Merit Points by returning Satchels or completing Tasks, you can redeem them in the Trade Shop. Here, you will find a list of rare items that are hard to find anywhere else, below, we will list all of the items that can be purchased along with their prices.

List of Pokemon based on Type