Pokemon Legends Arceus Spiritomb Wisp Locations

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, you can find Spiritomb Wisps in the form of collectibles for a request from a girl named Vessa, and these wisps are scattered throughout the Hisui region. To begin searching for them, you must first complete Mission #6, Summoned by Commander Kamado. Afterwards, you will be approached by Vessa to begin the request; Eerie Apparitions in the Night.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Spiritomb Wisp Map Locations

The Wisps are strewn about all over the Hisui Region and can be challenging to find on your own. However, searching at night can make spotting these wisps much easier, as they let off a bright purple glow in the darkness. So we recommend waiting until nighttime before searching- of course, you can still search in the daytime as well. Below will be pictures of the main areas marking the locations of each Wisp.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Spiritomb Wisp Rewards

While exploring and collecting the Spiritomb Wisps, you will find that after collecting enough of them, you can receive rewards for doing so. Below, we will list all of the rewards you can acquire and how many Wisps you will need for each reward. After collecting all 107 Wisps, you will be given the 108th from Vessa and will encounter Spiritomb immediately afterward which will be level 60.

Note: After encountering and capturing Spiritomb, it will reappear in the Shrouded Ruins during the night, albeit rarely. This will allow you to find Alpha and Shiny versions of it.
Reward Wisps Required
Oval Stone 5
Rare Candy 10
Seed of Mastery 20
Dusk Stone 30
Exp. Candy L 40
Linking Cord 50
5 Grit Pebbles 60
Reaper Cloth 70
3 Seed of Mastery 80
2 Exp. Candy XL 90
3 Grit Rock 100
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