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Pokemon Legends Arceus Grit Rock

Grit Rock


Effect A mysterious rock that can raise the effort level for one of a Pokémon's stats. It can be used only if the effort level has already reached level nine.

Where To Find Grit Rock in PLA

Defeating Miss Fortune Bandits, Releasing Pokemon, Defeating Pokemon, exchange Grit Dust, Grit Gravel, or Grit Pebble

Request Where To Find How To Complete Rewards
Steely LucarioSpeak with Lucario near the entrance inside the Galaxy Hall. Travel to the training grounds and defeat Lucario. You can find just outside the fence. 1x Grit Rock
On the Trail of GiratinaSpeak to Adaman in Jubilife Village after beating the game. Travel to the Cobalt Coastlands and into the cave in the North West corner, Turnback Cave. 1x Grit Rock, Griseous Core
A Token of GratitudeBlackboard in Laventon's lab in Jubilife Village. Go to Floaro Gardens, located in the Obsidian Fieldlands and capture Shaymin. 1x Grit Rock
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