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Pokemon Legends Arceus Comet Shard

Comet Shard


Effect A shard that fell to the ground when a comet passed nearby. It can be sold at a high price at the general store.

Where To Find Comet Shard in PLA

Space-Time Distortions, Blue Ore Deposits

Request Where To Find How To Complete Rewards
The Diamond Clans TreasureSpeak with Adaman at Grueling Grove in Obsidian Wastelands after you’ve completed the story. (Seen End-Game Credits) Win them in a battle Adamant Crystal, 1x Comet Shard
The Pearl Clans TreasureSpeak with Iridia at the Icelands after completing the story. Win them in battle Lustrous Orb, Comet Shard x3
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