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Pokemon Legends Arceus Star Piece

Star Piece


Effect A small shard of a beautiful gem that gives off a distinctly red sparkle. It can be sold at a high price to the general store.

How To Unlock Craft Shop Pruchase for 10,000

PLA How To Craft Star Piece Recipe

You will need 3: Red Shards, 3: Blue Shards, 3: Green Shards, 1: Stardust Material to craft a Star Piece at a Workbench or in Base Camps in PLA.

Materials Where To Find
Red Ore Deposit, Black Ore Deposit, Blue Ore Deposit, Space-time Distortions

Where To Find Star Piece in PLA

Craft Shop Pruchase for 10,000

Space-time Distortions

Request Where To Find How To Complete Rewards
Double The Tails, Double The FunSpeak to Netta in town. Requires ability to ride on water. You need to catch a Finneon. Found in Seagrass Haven in the Cobalt Coastlands. 1x Star Piece
Gone The CoastlandsSpeak to Zeke in the Galaxy building after completing the previous Gone Astray Request. Travel to the Cobalt Coastlands and search for her again. She can be found on a small rock just off the coast of the Castaway Shore area. Star Piece x1
Gone Astray...In The HighlandsAfter you complete Request #58. Speak with Zeke in the Galaxy Hall. Take Ursaluna to Coronet Highlands. The NPC can be located in the South of Lonely Spring. 2x Star Piece
Gone Astray...In The FieldlandsSpeak with Zeke after completing the previous Gone Astray quest. Go to the Obsidian Fieldlands, South East of the Heights Camp. 3x Star Piece
Gone Astray...In The IcelandsAfter completing Request #77 speak with Zeke. Found South West of Avalugg’s Legacy. A large hole in the snow will lead down to an icy cavern. You will find an Alpha Glalie here. 1x Ice Stone, 5x Star Piece, 1x Peat Block,
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