Pokemon Legends Arceus Stardust Crafting Guide, a list of all Crafting Recipes that use Stardust. We also detail locations in PLA where you can find and farm the Stardust material.

Effect Lovely red sand that flows between the fingers with a loose, silky feel. It can be sold at a low price to the general store.

Pokemon LA Stardust Crafting Recipes

You can use the Stardust material to craft items like Star Piece with a Workbench or in Base Camps in PLA.

Stardust Recipes
Item Recipe
Star Piece

Where To Find and Farm Stardust in PLA

List of methods you can use to Farm Stardust in PLA.

List of Chance Rates to obtain Stardust when farming Ore Deposits in PLA.

Location Farm Chance Rate
Obsidian Fieldlands Red Ore Deposit1%
Obsidian Fieldlands Black Ore Deposit1%
Obsidian Fieldlands Blue Ore Deposit1%
Crimson Mirelands Red Ore Deposit1%
Crimson Mirelands Black Ore Deposit1%
Crimson Mirelands Blue Ore Deposit1%
Cobalt Coastlands Red Ore Deposit1%
Cobalt Coastlands Black Ore Deposit1%
Cobalt Coastlands Blue Ore Deposit1%
Coronet Highlands Red Ore Deposit10%
Coronet Highlands Black Ore Deposit25%
Alabaster Icelands Red Ore Deposit1%
Alabaster Icelands Black Ore Deposit1%
Alabaster Icelands Blue Ore Deposit1%
Alabaster Icelands Snow Piles1%

Map Locations of where to farm Stardust in Cobalt Coastlands.

Map Locations of where to farm Stardust in Coronet Highlands.

Materials Similar to the Stardust
Item Types
List of Pokemon based on Type