Pokemon Legends Arceus Wood Crafting Guide, a list of all Crafting Recipes that use Wood. We also detail locations in PLA where you can find and farm the Wood material.

Effect A handy log of wood that can be used for anything, from crafting common goods needed for daily living to producing works of art.

Pokemon LA Wood Crafting Recipes

You can use the Wood material to craft items like Pokeshi Doll with a Workbench or in Base Camps in PLA.

Wood Recipes
Item Recipe
Pokeshi Doll

Where To Find and Farm Wood in PLA

List of methods you can use to Farm Wood in PLA.

You have a chance to find a Wood held by pokemon you catch in the wild. This method can be used to farm Wood, EXP and Research Tasks.

Wild Pokemon Held Chance
Materials Similar to the Wood
Item Types
List of Pokemon based on Type