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Pokemon Legends Arceus Octillerys Ink Request

Octillerys Ink Request Guide

5x Bean Cake, 1x Exp. Candy M

Where To Find Octillerys Ink Request in PLA

Where To Find Request
Speak with Radisa at her shop in town. Riding on water is required to get this Request.

How To Complete Octillerys Ink Request in PLA

How To Complete
You need to complete the Pokedex 10 points for Octillery. You can find Octillery on Islespy Shore, on the Northern edge of Cobalt Coastlands. This will require you to fly or swim.

You can find and catch Octillery at the locations listed below in PLA.

Octillery Locations

Cobalt Coastlands (Castaway Shore, Islespy Shore)

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