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Pokemon Legends Arceus Watering With Care Request

Watering With Care Request Guide

Heavy Ball x15, Exp Candy Small x3

Where To Find Watering With Care Request in PLA

Where To Find Request
You need to catch a Sudowoodo. Travel to Crimson Mirelands to speak with Odo.

How To Complete Watering With Care Request in PLA

How To Complete
Bring a Pokemon with Water Pulse. Psyduck, Shellos and Gyarados are a couple of pokemon that can learn the move in PLA.

You can find and catch Psyduck, Gyarados, Shellos at the locations listed below in PLA.

Psyduck Locations

Obsidian Fieldlands (The Heartwood)

Crimson Mirelands (Golden Lowlands, Gapejaw Bog, Holm of Trials)

Cobalt Coastlands (Bathers' Lagoon)

Coronet Highlands (Wayward Wood, Lonely Spring)

Gyarados Locations

Obsidian Fieldlands (Obsidian Falls, Lake Verity)

Cobalt Coastlands (Sand's Reach) Coronet Highlands (Primeval Grotto)

Shellos Locations

West: Obsidian Fieldlands (Sandgem Flats, Ramanas Island)

East: Cobalt Coastlands (Tranquility Cove, Seagrass Haven)

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