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Pokemon Legends Arceus Heavy Ball

Heavy Ball

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Heavy Ball Guide on how to craft and where to find the materials needed. We also inlcude what items to use in combination to increase your chances of catching pokemon with the Heavy Ball Item in PLA.

Effect A ball that is too heavy to fly high or far, but it is highly effective if you manage to hit an unsuspecting Pokémon.

How To Unlock Reach 1 Star Rank - Given by Cyllene

PLA How To Craft Heavy Ball Recipe

You will need 1: Apricorn, 1: Black Tumblestone Material to craft a Heavy Ball at a Workbench or in Base Camps in PLA.

Materials Where To Find
Apricorn Tree
Black Tumblestone
Black Ore Deposit

Where To Find Heavy Ball in PLA

Reach 1 Star Rank - Given by Cyllene

Request Where To Find How To Complete Rewards
Watering With CareYou need to catch a Sudowoodo. Travel to Crimson Mirelands to speak with Odo. Bring a Pokemon with Water Pulse. Psyduck, Shellos and Gyarados are a couple of pokemon that can learn the move in PLA. Heavy Ball x15, Exp Candy Small x3
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