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Pokemon Legends Arceus Jubilife Muffin

Jubilife Muffin

Healing Items

Effect A hidden gem gaining popularity in Jubilife Village and beloved by Pokémon. This sweet treat can be fed to a Pokémon to cure any status conditions it may have.

How To Unlock Complete Request #48 - The Taste Of Home

PLA How To Craft Jubilife Muffin Recipe

You will need 2: Hearty Grains, 2: Hopo Berries, 1: Razz Berry, 1: Cake-Lure Base Material to craft a Jubilife Muffin at a Workbench or in Base Camps in PLA.

Materials Where To Find
Hearty Grains
Hay Stack, Crimson Mirelands
Razz Berry
Razz Berry Tree
Cake-Lure Base
Fieldlands Camp, Shops

Where To Find Jubilife Muffin in PLA

Complete Request #48 - The Taste Of Home

Request Where To Find How To Complete Rewards
The Taste Of HomeSpeak with Floaro in his house. Gather 3x Hearty Grains, 2x Hopo Berries, and 1x Razz Berry and bring them back to Floaro. The Hearty Grains are found in (Crimson Mirelands). You can buy the others from the store in jubilife village. Jubilife Muffins recipe, 5x Small EXP Candy
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