The Weather in Pokemon Legends Arceus functions a little differently than past games, its inclusion doesn't hinder your Pokemon in battle, but it still determines which Pokemon spawn as only some Pokemon appear during specific weather conditions. The Weather, however, does affect your Pokemon in positive ways; below, we will list those effects and which Weather conditions cause them.

Weather Effect
SnowSpeed of Ice Type Pokemon Increases and Pokemon are more likely to acquire Frostbite.
FogAccuracy reduced.
Intense SunGrass-type Pokemon's Speed increases.

Weather Types in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Hisui Region is a big place with many different environments, and inside these environments, you will encounter different weather conditions. Some areas might rain more than others, and some might snow while others don't. Weather can not be directly changed by the player, however, the player can choose to rest and change the time and the chances of the weather you are looking for, might appear. Below, we will list all of the different weather conditions encountered throughout the Hisui Region.

Location Weather
Obsidian FieldlandsSunny, Cloudy, Rain, Intense Sun, Fog, Rainstorm
Crimson MirelandsSunny, Rain, Cloudy, Fog, Rainstorm
Cobalt CoastlandsSunny, Intense Sun, Rain, Rainstorm, Cloudy, Fog
Coronet HighlandsSunny, Cloudy, Rain, Snow, Fog, Rainstorm, Snowstorm
Alabaster HighlandsSunny, Snow, Snowstorm, Cloudy
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