Pokemon Legends Arceus How To Complete The Pokedex

The Pokedex in Pokemon Legends Arceus is used differently from past games- you are tasked with creating the first Pokedex for the Hisui Region. This requires you to go out into the field and observe and capture Pokemon. You gain more information on said Pokemon by completing Research Tasks given to you on that specific Pokemon. Catching a Pokemon once will not complete its entry; you will have to continue to study said Pokemon as stated before with Research Tasks to complete the Pokedex.

PLA Pokedex Completion Guide

There are multiple objectives to complete to finish the Pokedex. These range from capturing new Pokemon to completing their Research Tasks. Below, we will list the general conditions you need to complete to finish the Pokedex, along with a summary of what that condition is and how to do it.

  • Register New Species. (See or capture new pokemon)
  • Increase Research Levels to update Pokedex Entries (Continue catching and obeserving said pokemon)
  • Complete the Pokedex Entry for that Species (Raise its research level to level 10.)

To register a new Species, you have to encounter that Pokemon; you can capture it or observe it. It would be best if you did this for every Pokemon you could. Increasing Research Levels is as easy as continuing to Observe and Capture that Pokemon; you can check your progress at any time in your Pokedex. Finally, to complete the Pokedex Entry, you need to raise the Research Level to 10; this is done by doing its Research Tasks, which you can see by looking at the Pokedex for that Pokemon.

Note: Research Tasks with red arrows beside them give double points

By Completing more of the Pokedex, you unlock many rewards for doing so, the more notable ones being Access to new areas, and Pokemon up to a certain higher level will obey you; this replaces the use of the Gym Badges from past games. These rewards are given to you by increasing your Rank, which happens automatically by completing the Research Tasks. One of the most important rewards you can obtain is the Shiny Charm; the Shiny Charm is given to you after reaching Research Level 10 on every Pokemon. This Item increases the Chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon and is highly recommended to obtain if you plan to Shiny Hunt.

Note: You do NOT have to complete every task; you just need to reach level 10 to complete that Pokemon's Entry
List of Pokemon based on Type