Pokemon Legends Arceus Breeding Guide

This guide will explain what Pokemon Breeding is, how Chain Breeding works, and where you can go to Breed two Pokemon together. Pokemon Breeding can be useful and provide you with more Pokemon, and those pokemon, in some cases, acquire special moves that they usually can not. These moves are called Egg Moves, which are moves obtained through breeding.

How To Breed Pokemon in PLA

Breeding in Pokemon generally requires you to have two Pokemon of the opposite gender, that also share an Egg Group. In past games, this often had you leave two Pokemon in a Day Care of some kind and come back after some time. Once coming back, you would find an Egg, which would hatch after walking enough steps while it was in your inventory. However, currently in Pokemon Legends Arceus, Pokemon Breeding and Egg Hatching is not available, but we will list the methods used in past games of the series.

How To Breed Pokemon with no Gender

If there happens to be a Pokemon you would like to breed with another Pokemon, but it lacks a Gender; such as Hisuian Voltorb. You can ONLY breed it with a particular Pokemon, that Pokemon is Ditto.

Usually, breeding a pokemon will require another pokemon with the opposite gender and the same egg group. However, Ditto can breed with any Pokemon Egg Group and any Gender. This makes Ditto very valuable when you decide to start Breeding Pokemon.

How To Chain Breed in Pokemon Legends Arceus

It can become more complicated when obtaining certain Pokemon Egg Moves. In some cases, this will require "Chain Breeding" method to learn an egg move. An example of Chain breeding is when you essentially; breed a move to a Pokemon(Pichu) that can only learn it as an Egg Move(Wish) and then use that Pokemon(Pichu) to pass down that specific move to another Pokemon(Eevee) through even more breeding. This method allows the pokemon(Eevee) to learn an Egg Move (Wish) that generally would not be available due to the limited pokemon options that share the same Egg Group (Field).

This is a Chain Breeding Example from

List of Pokemon based on Type