Pokemon Legends Arceus Day and Night Cycle

The Day and Night Cycle in Pokemon Arceus functions differently from past games; instead of relying on the system's internal clock, it instead has its own internal cycle. The current in-game time doesn't drastically change gameplay; however, depending on the time will influence when specific tasks can be done and when certain Pokemon can spawn. As the time changes, the game will activate specific music to indicate the time of day, when Day and Night begin, and the Midnight Hour.

How to Change Time in Pokemon Legends Arceus

It is possible to change the time of day in Pokemon Arceus, and this can be done at any Camp or your bed in Jubilife Village. This is done by interacting with a bed and selecting to rest until a specific time. However, by doing this, you will reset the Space-Time Distortion timer alongside resetting other similar timed events in the area. An in-game day lasts as long as 24 minutes- 1 minute per hour. By resting in your bed, you will have the option to awake during the Morning, Day, Evening, or Night. While changing the time, or by playing normally, you will notice the Moon Phases will also change; this isn't all that important, and the primary use for it is to evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna during the Request "The Clefairy's Moonlit Dance." during a Full Moon. You can check the Lunar Cycle by looking up at the moon during the night. Below, we will be listing the times of day and when they start and subsequently end.

Time Of Day In-Game Time
Morning 4:00
Day 11:00
Evening 17:00
Night 20:00
List of Pokemon based on Type