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Pokemon Legends Arceus Typhlosion

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Typhlosion is a Type with a growth rate and a EV Yield. Typhlosion can be found with as an Ability; we recommend the Nature, based on total combined Base Stats in PLA.

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Typhlosion Abilities
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How To Evolve Typhlosion in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Find Typhlosion Locations in Pokemon Legends Arceus

List of Locations where you can find and catch Typhlosion in PLA.

Pokemon LA Typhlosion Weakness

Typhlosion Type Weakness
Damage Types
More Damage
More Damage
Less Damage
Less Damage
Immune to Damage

What pokemon is Typhlosion Weak Against?

Typhlosion Weak Against
Tier Pokemon

What pokemon is Typhlosion Strong Against?

Typhlosion Strong Against
Tier Pokemon

How To Complete Typhlosion Research Tasks in PLA

Research Task Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 5 Task 6 Task 7

Best Typhlosion Moves in Pokemon Legends Arceus

STAB: (Same Type Attack Bonus) When a Pokemon uses a Move Type that is the Same as the Pokemon's Type, it will receive a 50% Bonus to Power. Moves Affected by this Highlighted in Bold
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List of Pokemon based on Type