Pokemon Legends Arceus Noble Pokemon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Noble Pokemon Guide, a complete list of all the Noble Pokemon and the locations you can find them. Noble pokemon can suddenly fly into a frenzy, and it is your job to quell them; defeating them in battle will not be enough.

List of Noble Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Below is a list of all Noble Pokemon available in Pokemon Legends Arceus; we included their type and stats of the normal version of the pokemon such as Atk, HP, Sp.Atk, and even the Total combined stats.

TIER ID Pokemon Type Total HP Attack Special Attack Defense Special Defense Speed
505 70 135 45 95 75 85

Where To Find Noble Pokemon Locations in Pokemon LA

List of locations where you can find Noble Pokemon in Pokemon LA. This section of the guide will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.

How To Quell Frenzied Noble Pokemon

Frenzied Pokémon grow in size and will shine brightly in the wild. You can defeat these types of pokemon in regular battles, but this will not quell them. Instead, you will have to hit them with balms, which you will make using that specific noble Pokémon’s favorite foods.

You will be relentlessly attacked by the Frenzied Noble Pokemon and will need to dodge attacks, and, in between those attacks, you will throw Balms at them, similar to throwing a Pokeball in-game. When you use a pokemon to defeat them in battle, they will become temporarily dazed, allowing you to throw Balms at them successfully.

List of Pokemon based on Type