Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Sky

Shaymin Sky
Gratitude Pokémon

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Sky is a Grass and Flying Type Gratitude Pokémon, with a 5.9% Chance To Catch with a regular Pokeball. Shaymin Sky can be found with Serene Grace as an Ability and has a Medium Slow growth rate with a 3 Speed EV Yield. We recommend the Hasty Nature, based on 600 combined Base Stats.

National Dex Pokemon

Shaymin Sky Stats and Abilities

Based on Shaymin Sky Base IVs we consider this pokemon S-Tier choice. Shaymin Sky Highest IV Stat is Speed 127 and the Lowest being Defense 75.

Tier Stat Base Min Max
Special Attack120220372
Special Defense75139273
Shaymin Sky Detail
Best Held Items
Best Nature
+10% Speed
-10% Defense
Caught in the Wild Held Item Chance
Likes: Sweet
Dislikes: Sour
EV Yield3 Speed
Growth RateMedium Slow
Catch Rate45 (5.9% with PokéBall, full HP)
Egg GroupsUndiscovered
Egg Cycles120 (30,584–30,840 steps)
Abilities Description
Serene Grace
Ability 1
Serene Grace doubles the chance of moves' secondary effects occurring - specifically stat changes, status ailments, or flinching. It also increases the chance of flinching due to the held items King's Rock and Razor Fang from 10% to 20% (however, note that those items do not affect moves that already have a flinch chance).

How To Evolve Shaymin Sky in BDSP

The Pokemon Shaymin Sky does not have an evolution in the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Series.

Where To Find Shaymin Sky in BDSP

Shaymin Sky has spawn locations in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. You can find the Unevolved form Lv. , within the location using the method.

Interact = Limited to one
Common = 20% ~ 100%
Uncommon = 5% ~ 20%
Rare = 1% ~ 5%
= Morning Time
= Day Time
= Night Time