Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Pokemon Weakness

All Pokemon Type Weaknesses

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Pokemon Type Weakness guide, here you will find a chart of pokemon type move damage effectiveness. We also included specific guides for each Pokemon Type (Fire, Water, Grass, etc) Weakness, this includes the Best Pokemon To Use Against based on their weakness.

Pokemon BDSP Type Weaknesses

You can quickly navigate each Pokemon BDSP Type Weakness, and their counter picks they are weak against.

Pokemon BDSP Type Chart

If you are a player that prefers to use a Type Chart Image, we provided one below, along with an explanation of how to read it.

You use the chart from left to right, find Electric on the left side, and follow the row to the right; you will notice a 0x at the 5th column. Follow the column up, and you will find Ground. This is the typical Electric does not affect Ground Type Pokemon matchup.

Effect What It Does
Super Effective Against
Double Damage
Deals the normal amount of damage
Not Very Effective Against
Half Damage
No Effect Against
Immune deals no damage

STAB: (Same Type Attack Bonus) When a Pokemon uses a Move Type that is the Same as the Pokemon's Type, it will receive an additional 50% Bonus to Power on top of any weaknesses damage bonus that pokemon is receiving from an attack.