Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Statues Guide

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Statues. Statues are objects that can be placed in your Secret Base and are used to increase the spawn rate of Pokemon in Hideaways. Depending on the type of Statue influences what type of Pokemon spawn, a statue whose type is Grass will increase Grass Type Pokemon spawns and so on. Place more of the same statue type to increase the chances of encountering more of that specific type of Pokemon. However, you can only place up to 18 statues in your Secret Base.

How to get Statues in Pokemon BDSP

Mining - Grand Underground

You can find Statues in the Grand Underground while digging. In the Grand Underground, press A on a bright yellow spot on the wall to begin excavating; while doing so, you will want to dig up Gorgeous Stone Boxes and Pretty Stone Boxes. Pretty Stone Boxes hold regular statues, while Gorgeous Stone Boxes hold the Shiny variants of statues. These boxes also have the primary Type's symbol engraved on top, so you will know what kind of Statue you will obtain.

Ramanas Park Legendary Encounters - Post Game

You can also obtain a statue of each legendary pokemon you encounter using slates in Ramanas Park.

Below is a list of all the Statues and their effects.

Statue Type 1 Appearance Increased Type 2 Appearance Increased
Turtwig Grass
Chimchar Fire
Infernape FireFighting
Piplup Water
Prinplup Water
Empoleon WaterSteel
Staraptor NormalFlying
Luxray Electric
Roserade GrassPoison
Cranidos Rock
Machamp Fighting
Psyduck Water
Pachirisu Electric
Floatzel Water
Cherubi Grass
Drifloon GhostFlying
Buneary Normal
Mismagius Ghost
Happiny Normal
Chatot NormalFlying
Snorlax Normal
Lucario FightingSteel
Croagunk PoisonFighting
Lumineon Water
Weavile DarkIce
Magnezone ElectricSteel
Gliscor GroundFlying
Gallade PsychicFighting
Leafeon Grass
Glaceon Ice
Togekiss FairyFlying
Rhyperior GroundRock
Mamoswine IceGround
Froslass IceGhost

These statues below are for the National Dex Pokemon and can be acquired after you obtain the National Pokedex .

Statue Type 1 Appearance Increased Type 2 Appearance Increased
Venusaur Grass
Charizard FireFlying
Squirtle Water
Wartortle Water
Blastoise Water
Totodile Water
Croconaw Water
Feraligatr Water
Mudkip Water
Marshtomp Water
Swampert WaterGround
Note: These lists may be incomplete and will be updated once more information becomes available.