Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Key Item List

Where To Find Key Item List

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Key Item List, complete with where to find locations, item effects and more. Below we detail how you can obtain Key Item like Galactic Key, Fashion Case, and Explorer Kit in pokemon in BD/SP.

Pokemon BDSP How To Get Key Item

You can obtain Key Item in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Key Item such as Bicycle, (Allows for faster travel. Press B to change gears) can be found at Eterna City. Other items similar to this type like Catching Charm, and Coupon 1 are found using the methods below.

Item Where To Find
Allows for faster travel. Press B to change gears
Eterna City
Catching Charm
When a Pokeball is thrown, there is a slight chance that a Critical Catch will occur
Hotel Grand Lake
Coupon 1
Coupon 1 of 3 for redeeming the Pokétch
Jubilife City
Coupon 2
Coupon 2 of 3 for redeeming the Pokétch
Jubilife City
Coupon 3
Coupon 3 of 3 for redeeming the Pokétch
Jubilife City
Explorer Kit
Used for going into the Sinnoh Underground
Eterna City
Fashion Case
Stores the Accessories for the Super Contests
Jubilife City
Galactic Key
Opens the door to Team Galactic HQ
Galactic HQ (Veilstone City)
Good Rod
Hooks Water Pokémon of higher levels
Route 209
Used to change the form of Shaymin Land. It can only be used between 5am and 8pm in the day and only on Shaymin that are not frozen.
Floaroma Town
Records the in-game progress
Twinleaf Town
Lunar Feather
You give this to a Sailor in Canalave City to help his child from having bad dreams about the Darkrai Pokemon.
Fullmoon Island
Member Card
A 50-year old Key for accessing the motel in Canalave City; allows access to battle Darkrai
National Pokedex
Once obtained NEW pokemon will begin to spawn in the wild
Sandgem Town
Oak's Letter
A Letter from Professor Oak to be taken to Route 224; allows access to battle Shaymin
Old Charm
Obtained from Cynthia, you will take this to her Grandmother in Celecstic Town for Surf TM95
Route 210
Old Rod
Hooks Water Pokémon
Jubilife City
Oval Charm
This item increases the likelihood that your Pokémon will produce an egg
Hotel Grand Lake
Pal Pad
Stores your friends Friend Codes
Oreburgh City
A parcel for your rival
Twinleaf Town
Poffin Case
Stores the Poffin (Pokébread) that you create from Berries
Hearthome City
Point Card
Records your Battle Points from the Battle Tower
Battle Park
Poke Radar
Locates hidden Pokémon in the grass; requires 50 steps to charge
Sandgem Town
Rotom Catalog
Use the catalog to have Rotom change into various forms.
Eterna Galactic Building
Seal Case
Stores Seals for Poké Ball decorations
Solaceon Town
Secret Potion
Used to heal Psyduck flock
Valor Lakefront
Shiny Charm
Increases the chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon
Hotel Grand Lake
Used to water Berry Trees
Floaroma Town
Storage Key
Opens the door to Team Galactic Warehouse
Veilstone City
Suite Key
Opens door at Grand Lake Hotel
Route 213
Super Rod
Hooks Water Pokémon of much higher levels and different breeds
Fight Area
Town Map
Allows you to check the many areas of Sinnoh
Jubilife City
VS Seeker
Allows you to rebattle trainers
Route 207
Works Key
The key for accessing the Valley Windworks
Floaroma Meadow