Mage Tier List 10.3

Welcome to the Mage Tier List 12.10, this role normally ends up in the mid lane but on occasion is seen in other lanes as well. Sometimes also referred to as AP Casters, this role is known for their Ability Power type of Burst Damage, Utility, and Crowd Control. Below we have the Best Mage Champions In League of Legends this patch, ranked in a Tier List and a TOP 10 Ban Rate, Win Rate and Pick Rate section.

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Mage Tier List

Best Mage Champions This Patch Based On Popularity

Best Mage Champions Based On Win Rate

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This Champion has very few any actual counters, which makes her one of the best to safe pick or even one trick in league of legends. She scales very well into mid and late game, combined with the right champions that allow her to setup an effective R Ultimate Cast makes her good into almost any team comp.

Winning a 1v1 fight has never been easier, with this champion simply pressing the R key is more than enough to bring the enemy from 100% HP to 0%. She also makes for a great bully pick thanks to her ability kit, this is another recommended one trick choice for players looking for a good champion to play.