Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Mining Museum Guide

The Oreburgh Mining Museum in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is found in Oreburgh City and mostly used to revive Fossil Pokemon- you can do that by speaking to the man near the counter. He will only revive a Fossil Pokemon if you have the Explorer Kit. When the man begins to revive the Pokemon he will ask you to come back later, you can leave the building and come back in and the Pokemon will be revived.

How To Get Mining Museum Fossils

  1. Obtain the National Pokedex. (Without this, you will NOT be able to obtain all the fossils listed here.)
  2. Talk to the old man inside the house next to the Pokemon Center in Eterna City to obtain an Explorer Kit.
  3. Go outside the building and select the Kit from the Key Items section of your bag to be transported underground.
  4. Shiny dots will appear on your map; those are item locations, you will need to approach them and dig them up.
  5. Once digging for long enough, you will come across multiple fossils such as; Claw Fossil, Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Root Fossil and, Old Amber.
  6. With your fossils, go to Orebergh City.
  7. Go to the Mining Museum and speak to the man behind the counter and leave a fossil with him.
  8. Leave the building and then come back inside.
  9. After speaking to the man again, your fossil will now be revived into a Pokemon.

Note: It may take some time to find fossils due to their rarity.

List Of Fossil Pokemon

Below is a list of all the fossils that can be found in the Grand Underground. They can be taken to the Oreburgh Mining Museum to be revived into living Pokemon. You can revive multiple of the same kind of Fossil Pokemon if you have the necessary fossils.

Fossil What It Does Rarity Requirement
Armor Fossil Revives into Shieldon (Rare) (Pearl Only)
Skull Fossil Revives into Cranidos (Rare) (Diamond Only)
Claw Fossil Revives into Anorith (Rare) (After National Pokedex )
Dome Fossil Revives into Kabuto (Rare) (After National Pokedex )
Helix Fossil Revives into Omanyte (Rare) (After National Pokedex )
Old Amber Revives into Aerodactyl (Rare) (After National Pokedex )
Root Fossil Revives into Lileep (Rare) (After National Pokedex )