Barbarian Guides

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Best Weapon Expertise

Due to the class feature called the Arsenal system, Barbarians have the ability to equip and interchange up to four weapons simultaneously. It is strongly advised to gather an assortment of melee weapons in order to fully benefit from this class's Arsenal system progression.

How To Unlock the Arsenal System?

Upon reaching level 5, Barbarians automatically gain access to the Arsenal system. This enables the expertise tab, which can be viewed by pressing shift + C. Each weapon type begins at level 1 and can be upgraded to level 10 through combat experience. The higher the level, the more powerful the weapon type becomes.

To level up the Arsenal system, players must actively use the specific weapon type they wish to level up. Weapon experience is earned per hit, and Weapons do not gain experience in PVP mode.

One-handed Axe Expertise
Increased Critical Chance (+5.0%) against injured enemies.
Double this amount when using two axes.
Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a 55% chance to grant +0.6% increased Attack Speed for 2 seconds. Double the Attack Speed bonus when using two Axes.
One-handed Mace Expertise
Increased damage to Stunned enemies. (x10%)
Double this amount when using two Maces.
Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to gain Berserking for 1.5 seconds when you hit a Stunned enemy. Double this chance when using two Maces.
One-handed Sword Expertise
Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to gain 5 Fury when hitting a Crowd Controlled enemy. Double this chance when using two Swords.
Killing a Crowd Controlled enemy grants +15% increased Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Double this amount for kills while using two Swords.
Two-handed Axe Expertise
Increased damage to Vulnerable enemies. (x15%)
Increased Critical Strike Chance against Vulnerable enemies. (+10%)
Two-handed Mace Expertise
Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to gain 2 Fury when hitting an enemy. Double the mount of Fury gained while Berserking.
You deal x15% increased Critical Strike Damage to Stunned and Vulnerable enemies while Berserking.
Two-handed Sword Expertise
20% of direct damage you deal is inflicted as Bleeding damage over 5 seconds.
You deal x30% increased Bleeding damage for 5 seconds after killing an enemy.
Polearm Expertise
Increased Lucky Hit Chance. (x10%)
You deal +10% damage while healthy.


Table of Primary Stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Willpower) and how they effect the Barbarian Class.

Stat Effect
1 Strength = 0.1% Skill Damage
1 Strength = 1 Armor
1 Dexterity = 0.02% Critical Strike Chance
1 Dexterity = 0.025% Chance to Dodge Attacks
1 Intelligence = 0.05% All Resistances
1 Willpower = 0.1% Resource Generation
1 Willpower = 0.25% Overpower Damage
1 Willpower = 0.1% Healing Received

Table of Barbarian Class Stats found on Weapons and Armor. These stats are exclusive to the Barbarian Class in D4.

List of Barbarian Affixes
Slot Stat
Helm Stats
Maximum Fury
Ranks of Death Blow
Ranks of Rupture
Ranks of Steel Grasp
Fortify Generation
Physical Damage
Brawling Skill Damage
Weapon Mastery Skill Damage
Ranks of Challenging Shout
Ranks of Ground Stomp
Ranks of Iron Skin
Ranks of Rallying Cry
Damage Reduction while Fortified
Gloves Stats
Physical Damage Over Time
Ranks of Double Swing
Ranks of Hammer of the Ancients
Ranks of Rend
Ranks of Upheaval
Ranks of Whilrwind
Pants Stats
Ranks of War Cry
Damage Reduction from Enemies That Are Bleeding
Damage Reduction while Fortified
Berserking Duration
Boots Stats
Fury Cost Reduction
Fortify Generation
Berserking Duration
Amulet Stats
Fury Cost Reduction
Overpower Damage with Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapons
Brawling Skill Damage
Weapon Mastery Skill Damage
Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons
Damage with Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapons
Damage with Two-Handed Slashing Weapons
Damage with Skills that Swap to New Weapons
Damage Reduction while Fortified
Ranks of All Defensive Skills
Ranks of All Weapon Mastery Skills
Ranks of the Brute Force Passive
Ranks of the Counteroffensive Passive
Ranks of the Cut to the Bone Passive
Ranks of the Heavy Handed Passive
Ranks of the No Mercy Passive
Ranks of the Outburst Passive
Ranks of the Slaying Strike Passive
Ranks of the Tough as Nails Passive
Ranks of the Wallop Passive
Ring Stats
Maximum Fury
Fortify Generation
Physical Damage
Damage to Bleeding Enemies
Damage while Berserking
Weapon Stats
Damage while Berserking
Damage to Bleeding Enemies
Offhand Stats
Shield Stats