Best Chest Armor Stats and Affixes List

In D4 a Chest Armor has a chance to have 22 Stats affixes, this is not including class exclusive stats. For example, the Druid has 13 additional stats that can appear on a Chest Armor.

List of Chest Armor Affixes
Class Stat
Any Class Chest Armor Stats
All Stats
Maximum Life
Life on Kill
Barrier Generation
Ultimate Skill Damage
Damage Reduction
Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
Damage Reduction from Distant Enemies
Cold Resistance
Fire Resistance
Lightning Resistance
Poison Resistance
Shadow Resistance
Control Impaired Duration
Barbarian Only Chest Armor Stats
Fortify Generation
Physical Damage
Brawling Skill Damage
Weapon Mastery Skill Damage
Ranks of Challenging Shout
Ranks of Ground Stomp
Ranks of Iron Skin
Ranks of Rallying Cry
Damage Reduction while Fortified
Sorceress Only Chest Armor Stats
Cold Damage
Fire Damage
Lightning Damage
Conjuration Skill Damage
Frost Skill Damage
Pyromancy Skill Damage
Shock Skill Damage
Damage Reduction from Enemies That Are Burning
Druid Only Chest Armor Stats
Fortify Generation
Overpower Damage with Werebear Skills
Lightning Damage
Physical Damage
Poison Damage
Companion Skill Damage
Earth Skill Damage
Storm Skill Damage
Werebear Skill Damage
Werewolf Skill Damage
Damage Reduction from Enemies That Are Poisoned
Damage Reduction while Fortified
Necromancer Only Chest Armor Stats
Maximum Minion Life
Fortify Generation
Damage for 4 Seconds After Picking Up a Blood Orb
Physical Damage
Shadow Damage
Blood Skill Damage
Bone Skill Damage
Darkness Skill Damage
Summoning Skill Damage
Damage Reduction from Affected By Shadow Damage Over Time Enemies
Damage Reduction while Fortified
Rogue Only Chest Armor Stats
Physical Damage
Poison Damage
Shadow Damage
Cutthroat Skill Damage
Imbued Skill Damage
Marksman Skill Damage
Trap Skill Damage
Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons
Damage with Ranged Weapons
Damage with Skills that Swap to New Weapons
Damage Reduction from Enemies That Are Poisoned

All Stats by Slot

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