Best Barbarian Builds in D4

We have a total of (10) builds ranked from the best to the weakest in the meta. The most used skills for Barbarian builds are Rallying Cry, War Cry and Challenging Shout. You will also find the Blood Rage, Marshal, and Warbringer Paragons being commonly used. Another popular item seen in these builds is Rage of Harrogath.

Speed Farming Barbarian Builds

The Best Speed Farming Builds for the Barbarian is focused on the speed in which you can clear dungeons, areas and enemies in general. The biggest factor in determine these rankings are mobility and AOE Damage.

End Game Barbarian Builds

The Best End Game Builds for the Barbarian are determined by how well they perform at levels 50-100, Nightmare Dungeons, World Bosses and Hell Tide Events. These are the builds you will want to use for End Game Content Pushing.