Best Boots Stats and Affixes List

In D4 a Boots has a chance to have 19 Stats affixes, this is not including class exclusive stats. For example, the Sorceress has 7 additional stats that can appear on a Boots.

List of Boots Affixes
Class Stat
Any Class Boots Stats
All Stats
Damage Reduction while Injured
Dodge Change
Cold Resistance
Fire Resistance
Lightning Resistance
Poison Resistance
Shadow Resistance
Dodge Chance
Dodge Chance Against Distant Enemies
Movement Speed
Movement Speed for 4 seconds After Killing an Elite
Slow Duration Reduction
Shrine Buff Duration
Barbarian Only Boots Stats
Fury Cost Reduction
Fortify Generation
Berserking Duration
Sorceress Only Boots Stats
Mana Cost Reduction
Crackling Energy Damage
Ranks of Flame Shield
Ranks of Frost Nova
Ranks of Ice Armor
Ranks of Teleport
Druid Only Boots Stats
Spirit Cost Reduction
Fortify Generation
Total Armor while in Werewolf Form
Necromancer Only Boots Stats
Essence Cost Reduction
Fortify Generation
Ranks of Bone Spirit
Ranks of Corpse Tendrils
Rogue Only Boots Stats
Energy Cost Reduction
Ranks of Dash
Ranks of Shadow Step
Ranks of Caltrops

All Stats by Slot

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