Best Gloves Stats and Affixes List

In D4 a Gloves has a chance to have 15 Stats affixes, this is not including class exclusive stats. For example, the Rogue has 10 additional stats that can appear on a Gloves.

List of Gloves Affixes
Class Stat
Any Class Gloves Stats
All Stats
Attack Speed
Critical Strike Chance
Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemies
Lucky Hit Chance
Overpower Damage
Damage to Injured Enemies
Lucky Hit: Up to a [X]% Chance to Heal
Lucky Hit: Chance to Restore [X]% Primary Resource
Lucky Hit: Up to a [X]% Chance to Slow
Barbarian Only Gloves Stats
Physical Damage Over Time
Ranks of Double Swing
Ranks of Hammer of the Ancients
Ranks of Rend
Ranks of Upheaval
Ranks of Whilrwind
Sorceress Only Gloves Stats
Lightning Critical Strike Damage
Fire Damage Over Time
Ranks of Chain Lightning
Ranks of Charged Bolts
Ranks of Fireball
Ranks of Frozen Orb
Ranks of Ice Shards
Ranks of Incinerate
Druid Only Gloves Stats
Critical Strike Damage with Earth Skills
Critical Strike Damage with Werewolf Skills
Storm Skill Cooldown Reduction
Ranks of Landslide
Ranks of Lightning Storm
Ranks of Pulverize
Ranks of Shred
Ranks of Tornado
Necromancer Only Gloves Stats
Critical Strike Damage with Bone Skills
Shadow Damage Over Time
Ranks of Blood Lance
Ranks of Blood Surge
Ranks of Blight
Ranks of Bone Spear
Ranks of Sever
Rogue Only Gloves Stats
Trap Skill Cooldown Reduction
Reduces the Arm Time of your Trap Skills
Attack Speed for 4 seconds after Dodging an Attack
Critical Strike Damage with Imbued Skills
Ranks of Barrage
Ranks of Flurry
Ranks of Penetrating Shot
Ranks of Rapid Fire
Ranks of Twisting Blades

All Stats by Slot

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