Best Shield Stats and Affixes List

In D4 a Shield has a chance to have 25 Stats affixes, this is not including class exclusive stats. For example, the Necromancer has 9 additional stats that can appear on a Shield.

List of Shield Affixes
Class Stat
Any Class Shield Stats
All Stats
Maximum Life
Healing Received
Life On Kill
Resource Generation
Cooldown Reduction
Basic Skill Attack Speed
Critical Strike Chance
Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemies
Lucky Hit Chance
Basic Skill Damage
Crowd Control Duration
Lucky Hit: Up to a [X]% Chance to Heal
Lucky Hit: Chance to Restore [X]% Primary Resource
Lucky Hit: Up to [X]% Chance to Slow
Damage Reduction
Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
Damage Reduction from Distant Enemies
Barbarian Only Shield Stats
Sorceress Only Shield Stats
Druid Only Shield Stats
Necromancer Only Shield Stats
Maximum Minion Life
Blood Orb Healing
Essence Cost Reduction
Fortify Generation
Damage for 4 Seconds After Picking Up a Blood Orb
Damage Reduction from Affected By Shadow Damage Over Time Enemies
Damage Reduction while Fortified
Minion Attack Speed
Rogue Only Shield Stats

All Stats by Slot

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