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War Cry Stats

Stat Desc
Damage Type
25 seconds

War Cry Guide

Detail Desc
Bellow a mighty war cry. You and nearby allies deal x15% increased damage for 10.4 seconds. War Cry grants you Berserking for 3 seconds. War Cry grants 173.6 Fortify.
Upgrade 1
Enhanced War Cry
War Cry grants you Berserking for3 seconds.
Upgrade 2
Mighty War Cry
War Cry grants 173.6 Fortify.
Upgrade 3
Power War Cry
If at least 4 enemies are nearby when War Cry is cast, its damage bonus is increased by 15%.

Best Skills To Use with War Cry

Skills good with War Cry
Tier Skill Description
? Tier
Taunt nearby enemies and gain x40% Damage Reduction for 10.4 seconds. While Challenging Shout is active, gain x20% bonus maximum Life. While Challenging Shout is active, gain Thorns equal to +20% bonus Maximum Life.
Type: Buff
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Enhanced Challenging Shout
Tactical Challenging Shout
Strategic Challenging Shout
? Tier
Slam your hammer down with the fury of the ancients, dealing 107.31% (907 - 1,109) damage to a concentrated area. Gian 10 Fury when Hammer of the Ancients damages 2 or more enemies. Gain Berserking for 2 seconds when hitting 2 or more enemies with Hammer of the Ancients.
Type: Physical
Cost: 35
Requirement: Requires a two-handed bludgeoning weapon.
Enhanced Hammer of the Ancients
Furious Hammer of the Ancients
Violent Hammer of the Ancients
? Tier
Lunge forward and strike an enemy for 51.74% (441 - 539) damage. Critical Strikes with Lunging Strike grant you Berserking for 1.5 seconds. Lunging Strike deals x30% increased damage and Heals you for 12.4 Life when it damages a Healthy enemy
Type: Physical
Enhanced Lunging Strike
Battle Lunging Strike
Combat Lunging Strike
? Tier
Bellow a rallying cry, granting allies +30% increased Movement Speed, and x50% increased Resoure Generation for 7.8 seconds.
Type: Buff
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Enhanced Rallying Cry
Tactical Rallying Cry
Strategic Rallying Cry

Best War Cry Talents To Use

Talents good with War Cry
Tier Talent Description
? Tier
Gain 4% Damage Reduction while Berserking.
? Tier
When a Brawling Skill damages at least one enemy, gain Berserking for 1 second.
? Tier
Shout skill durations are increased by x30%.
? Tier
Your Shout Skills cause enemies to deal x8% less damage for 5 seconds.
? Tier
Your Shouts also Heal allies for 18.6 Life per second.