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Fire Bolt Stats

Stat Desc
Damage Type

Fire Bolt Guide

Detail Desc
Hurl a flaming bolt, dealing 10.00% (6 - 8) damage and Burning for 135.00% 26 over 8 seconds.
Upgrade 1
Enhanced Fire Bolt
Fire Bolt pierces Burning enemies.
Upgrade 2
Glinting Fire Bolt
Critical Strikes with Fire Bolt increase the burning damage the target takes by x20% for 4 seconds
Upgrade 3
Flickering Fire Bolt
Fire Bolt generates 2 Mana when hitting a Burning enemy.

Best Skills To Use with Fire Bolt

Skills good with Fire Bolt
Tier Skill Description
? Tier
Engulf yourself in flames for 2 seconds, Burning nearby enemies for 6.50% (4) per second. While Flame Shield is active, you are Immune.
Type: Fire
Cooldown: 19.6 seconds
Enhanced Flame Shield
Mystical Flame Shield
Shimmering Flame Shield
? Tier
Channel a beam of fire, Burning enemies for 36.40% (25). Damage increases by 17.50% (12) per second, up to 71.40% (59).
Type: Fire
Cost: 20 Mana per second
Enhanced Incinerate
Greater Incinerate
Destructive Incinerate
? Tier
Hurl an exploding ball of fire, dealing 66.00% (42 - 51) damage to nearby enemies.
Type: Fire
Enhanced Fireball
Greater Fireball
Destructive Fireball
? Tier
Summon a 3 headed hydra for 8.0 seconds. Each head spits fire at a nearby enemy, dealing 30.00% (19 - 23) damage.
Type: Fire
Cost: 20 Mana
Enhanced Hydra
Summoned Hydra
Invoked Hydra

Best Fire Bolt Talents To Use

Talents good with Fire Bolt
Tier Talent Description
? Tier
Your Pyromancy Skills deal x1% increased direct damage for each source of Burning on an enemy, up to x4% .
? Tier
Burning effects last 6% longer.
? Tier
Killing a Burning enemy grants 3% Attack Speed for 3 seconds.
? Tier
Burning enemies deal 4.5% reduced damage.
? Tier
You deal x3% increased Critical Strike Damage per nearby Burning enemy, up to x50%.