Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Razor Claw

Razor Claw

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Razor Claw Guide on how to get and where to find. We also inlcude what pokemon evolutions are caused by the Razor Claw Evolution Item in Pokemon BDSP.

Pokemon BDSP How To Get Razor Claw

Item Where To Find
Razor Claw
Raises chances of landing a Critical Hit - Evolves Sneasel into Weavile when equipped and leveled up at Night (8:00pm - 4:00am)
Route 224
Victory Road
Battle Park
Location How To Get
Route 224Found on the strip of land reached by surfing south from the beach
Victory RoadSouthwest of Veteran Edgar

Razor Claw locations in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The Razor Claw is an item that boosts the Pokemon's critical hit chance. It can also be held by Sneasel to evolve it into Weavile while leveling it up at night.

Location: Battle Park

    This item can be bought from a shop at the Battle Park.

Location 2: Pokemon League

  1. You will need to ensure you have the HM's Rock Climb, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Rock Smash.
  2. From the entrance of the Pokemon League, follow the bridges until you reach a Rock Climb slope- go down it.
  3. From there, go west and continue until you reach a staircase- go up the stairs.
  4. Going straight north, walk until you see two staircases west of you, go up the stairs into the next area.
  5. Taking the South path, you will need to Rock Smash and Strength your way past the obstacles until you come across two paths, go on the north path and head up the stairs.
  6. Across the bridge, Rock Slide down the slope and continue down the path into the next area.
  7. Surf across the water to the center until you make it to a small waterfall. Use the ability Waterfall up to the following path.
  8. Continue going west, ignoring the other waterfall, continue walking until you come across a staircase to another area.
  9. Going up the staircase will bring you to a path you can follow west until you reach the Razor Claw laying on the ground- pick it up.

Location 3: Route 224

  1. Be sure you have the HM Surf on one of your Pokemon.
  2. Go to the beach on Route 224.
  3. From the beach, Surf south until you reach a small strip of land.
  4. On the ground, pick up the Razor Claw.

Pokemon BDSP Razor Claw Evolutions

Sneasel requires (hold Razor Claw, Nighttime) to evolve into Weavile.

Base Form Evolution Requirement First Evolution