Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Poketch Guide

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Poketch. The Poketch is a device worn by the player with many useful features ranging from dowsing for items to simply checking the current time on the clock. There are many apps for the Poketch, all that is useful in their way. Below we will list the steps needed to acquire the Poketch and the known features of the device.

Pokemon BDSP Poketch

Location: Jubilife City

  1. First, go to Jubilife City.
  2. From there, you need to speak to the inventor of the Poketch he can be found standing in the road, left of the Pokemon Center.
  3. He will ask you to search for 3 Coupons; these coupons can be obtained by answering questions correctly from the clowns giving them out.
  4. The first Clown will be behind the Pokemon Center and will ask you a question; the answer is "Yes."
  5. The second Clown will be in front of the Poketch Company, answer "Yes."
  6. The third and final Clown will be in front of the Jubilife TV Station, answer "Yes" to receive the last Coupon.
  7. Take the Coupons back to the man to obtain the Poketch.

The Poketch will come with "preinstalled" apps. More will be added as you progress through the game and complete specific tasks.

  • Poketch Pokemon List. The Pokemon List shows all the Pokemon currently in your party and their current health.
  • Poketch Memo Pad. The Memo Pad is a feature that allows you to draw and write things down.
  • Poketch Friendship Checker. The Friendship Checker displays your current Pokemon in your party, and when clicked on, it will tell you the current friendship level you have with your Pokemon, which is indicated by the amount of hearts that appear beside them.
  • Poketch Dowsing Machine. This feature will help you dowse for items and will react the closer you are to items.
  • Poketch Pedometer. This App will display the current amount of steps you have taken in-game. It can be reset at any time by pressing the button in the middle. This app is useful when hatching eggs to keep track of your steps.
  • Poketch Hidden Moves. This brand new App will allow you to call on temporary Pokemon to use HMs instead of teaching your Pokemon these moves.
  • Poketch Digital Watch. The Digital Watch shows you the current time and goes off the internal clock in your system.
Note: This list of features may be incomplete and will be updated once more information becomes available.