Poison Imbuement Stats and Upgrades

Poison Imbuement
Rogue Imbuements Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 33%
Cooldown: 13
Imbue your weapons with lethal poison. Your next 2 Imbueable Skills deal Poison damage and apply {100% / 110% / 120% / 130% / 140%} of their Base damage as additional Poisoning damage over 5 seconds.
Poison Imbuement's Poisoning Duration is increased by 1 second.
Critical Strikes with Poison Imbued Skills deal 75% increased Poisoning damage.
Lucky Hit: Poison Imbued Skills have up to a 30% chance to apply double the amount of Poisoning damage over time.

Best Builds To Use with Poison Imbuement

We have a total of (6) builds that use the Rogue Poison Imbuement Skill. You can view the best Poison Imbuement builds below and the complete guide by Clicking/Tapping them.