WoW Classic PVP Rogue Build


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic PVP Rogue Builds List. Below we list the Best Specs for Battlegrounds and what races to choose to make the most out of your build. We have links to complete builds that detail gear stats and the talent builds you will want to follow to do the most damage.


Best PVP Rogue Race 

If you are playing rouge there is a good chance you plan to play some PVP Battlegrounds, with that in mind you will want to choose the best race for this class. Based on racial traits we recommend using Orc and Undead for Horde and for Alliance you should choose either Dwarves or Gnomes.

  • Best  –  Orc,  Dwarves,  Undead
  • Average  –   Troll,  Gnome
  • Weak  –  Humans,  Night Elf
  • Not Available –  Tauren

Best PVP Rogue Spec

Rogue specs such as Combat, Assassination and Subtlety all do really well in PVP Battlegrounds. However, we think Combat and Assassination are by far the best, but most players opt to run a hybrids.

  • Best  –  rogue_combat Combat, rogue_assassination Assassination
  • Average  – rogue_subtlety Subtlety
  • Weak  –

World of Warcraft Classic Best PVP Rogue Build


rogue_combat PVP Combat Rogue

This is our recommended spec for players who want to Level Up as a rogue, which is not an easy thing to do and be quite difficult doing it solo. With some tweaks, this spec is also very viable in PVP battlegrounds and is most players go to for this class.


rogue_assassination PVP Assassination Rogue

This is a strong melee DPS spec like the all rogue specs, however, when player opt to grab the Expose Armor Talent this will further improve the build. This is because rogues have a tough time versus Plate Wearing Classes Paladin and Warrior classes are the main problem for rogues. Players can pick this Expose Armor Talent with other builds since it’s near the bottom of the assassination talent tree.


rogue_subtlety PVP Subtlety Rogue

This spec plays a lot around Stealth and is strong against Cloth-wearing classes who don’t do well against ambush. Stealth, catch someone Burst and DOT them with Bleeds, then Re-Stealth is what you will likely find yourself doing with this build.




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