How To Get Fleshrender

The Fleshrender Unique Mace will only drop from Level 85+ Monsters.

You can further increase your chances of the Fleshrender Drop by slaying Bandits in Nightmare Dungeons. Since these monster types have a higher drop rate of Unique Mace Equipment.

Best Skills To Use with Fleshrender

The strongest skill synergy with the Fleshrender Unique Mace in D4 are Poison Creeper, and there is also a strong passive synergy with Envenom.

Debilitating Roar
Druid Defensive Active
Cooldown: {22.0 / 20.9 / 19.8 / 18.7 / 17.6}
Average Synergy
Shapeshift into a Werebear and bellow a mighty roar, reducing Nearby enemies' damage dealt by 70% for 4 seconds.
Debilitating Roar also Fortifies you for 22% Base Life.
Debilitating Roar also Slows enemies by 65% for its duration.
Debilitating Roar also Heals you for 4% of your Maximum Life each second for its duration.
Poison Creeper
Druid Companion Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 28%
Cooldown: 20
Average Synergy
Passive: A poison creeper periodically emerges from the ground every 7 seconds and applies {36% / 40% / 43% / 47% / 50%} Poisoning damage over 6 seconds to an enemy in the area.
Active: Vines strangle all surrounding enemies, Immobilizing them for 2 seconds and Poisoning them for {90% / 99% / 108% / 117% / 126%} damage over 2 seconds.
Poison Creeper's Immobilize duration is increased by 1 second.
Poison Creeper's active Poisoning duration is increased by 3 seconds.
Your Critical Strike Chance is increased by 20% against enemies strangled by Poison Creeper.
Blood Howl
Druid Defensive Active
Cooldown: 15
Average Synergy
Shapeshift into a Werewolf and howl furiously, Healing you for {20% / 21.8% / 23.5% / 25.2% / 26.8%} of your Maximum Life.
Kills reduce the Cooldown of Blood Howl by 1 second.
Blood Howl also generates 20 Spirit.
Blood Howl also increases your Attack Speed by +15% for 4 seconds.
Druid Wrath Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 50%
Cooldown: 12
Average Synergy
Shapeshift into a Werewolf and perform an infectious bite on the target dealing {28% / 31% / 34% / 36% / 39%} damage, and applying an additional {110% / 115% / 121% / 126% / 132%} Poisoning damage over 6 seconds.
Infected enemies spread Rabies to other surrounding targets.
Rabies' Poisoning damage also increases over the lifetime of the disease, dealing 30% bonus damage at max duration.
Rabies spreads 100% faster.
Rabies deals its total Poisoning damage in 4 seconds instead of 6.

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