Poison Creeper Stats and Upgrades

Poison Creeper
Druid Companion Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 28%
Cooldown: 20
Passive: A poison creeper periodically emerges from the ground every 7 seconds and applies {36% / 40% / 43% / 47% / 50%} Poisoning damage over 6 seconds to an enemy in the area.
Active: Vines strangle all surrounding enemies, Immobilizing them for 2 seconds and Poisoning them for {90% / 99% / 108% / 117% / 126%} damage over 2 seconds.
Poison Creeper's Immobilize duration is increased by 1 second.
Poison Creeper's active Poisoning duration is increased by 3 seconds.
Your Critical Strike Chance is increased by 20% against enemies strangled by Poison Creeper.

Best Builds To Use with Poison Creeper

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