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Vine Creeper Stats

Stat Desc
Damage Type
20 seconds

Vine Creeper Guide

Detail Desc
Upgrade 1
Enhanced Vine Creeper
Vine Creeper's Immobilize duration is increased by 1 second.
Upgrade 2
Ferocious Vine Creeper
Vine Creeper's active poison duration is increased by 3 seconds.
Upgrade 3
Brutal Vine Creeper
Your chance to Critically Strike is increased by 20% against enemies strangled by Vine Creeper.

Best Skills To Use with Vine Creeper

Skills good with Vine Creeper
Tier Skill Description
? Tier
Shapeshift into a Werewolf and perform an infectious bite on the target dealing 24.40% (9-11) damage, and an additional 55.65 (19) damage over 6 seconds. Infected enemies spread Rabies to other nearby targets.
Type: Poison
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Enhanced Rabies
Natural Rabies
Savage Rabies

Best Vine Creeper Talents To Use

Talents good with Vine Creeper
Tier Talent Description