How To Get Conceited Aspect

The Conceited Aspect is not a Codex which means you will have to find it and extract it from Legendary Equipment that will randomly drop from enemies. The Conceited Aspect has a chance to appear on the following equipment slots:

1H Weapon
2H Weapon (+100%)
Amulet (+50%)

You can boost your chances of acquiring the Conceited Aspect by target farming monsters known to have a higher drop rate for the type of equipment where this aspect is typically found on. The following monster have a higher chance to drop equipment that can be found with the Conceited Aspect:

Best Builds To Use with Conceited Aspect

We have a total of (14) builds that use the Conceited Aspect. You can click/tap any Conceited Aspect build below to view the complete Build.

Best Aspects To Use with Conceited Aspect

The best aspects to use with Conceited Aspect in D4 is Aspect of Fortune, which is a Utility Aspect and can only be used on Helm, Chest, Gloves, Boots, Shield, Amulet (+50%) Equipment Slots.

Best Skills To Use with Conceited Aspect

Earthen Bulwark
Druid Defensive Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 30%
Cooldown: 16
Average Synergy
Rock's surround you for 3 seconds, granting a Barrier that absorbs {45% / 50% / 54% / 58% / 63%} of your Base Life in damage.
Earthen Bulwark makes you Unstoppable while active.
Rock shrapnel flies outward when Earthen Bulwark is destroyed or expires, dealing [X] damage to surrounding enemies. This damage is increased by Barrier bonuses.
Casting Earthen Bulwark grants 18% Base Life as Fortify.
Iron Skin
Barbarian Defensive Active
Cooldown: 14
Average Synergy
Steel yourself, gaining a Barrier that absorbs {50% / 55% / 60% / 65% / 70%} of your missing Life for 5 seconds.
Iron Skin Barrier absorbs 20% more of your Maximum Life.
Iron Skin also grants 15% Base Life as Fortify. Double this amount if cast while below 50% Life.
While Iron Skin is active, Heal for 10% of the Barrier's original amount as Life per second.
Ice Armor
Sorceress Defensive Active
Cooldown: 20
Average Synergy
A Barrier of ice forms around you for 6 seconds, absorbing {30% / 33% / 36% / 39% / 42%} of your Base Life in damage. While Ice Armor is active, 5% of your damage dealt is added to its Barrier.
While Ice Armor is active, your Mana Regeneration is increased by 25%.
Damage against Vulnerable enemies contributes 50% more to Ice Armor's Barrier.
Enemies that hit you while Ice Armor is active have a 15% chance to become Frozen for 3 seconds.
Enchantment Effect:
Upon getting hit, you have a 5% chance apply Ice Armor.

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