Tank Tier List 10.3

Welcome to the Tank Tier List 12.10, this role is most known for their ability to be a fierce front line in team fights. They also often have a source of crowd control, that furthers their team fighting abilities. Below we have the Best Tank Champions In League of Legends this patch, ranked in a Tier List and a TOP 10 Ban Rate, Win Rate and Pick Rate section.

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Tank Tier List

Best Tank Champions This Patch Based On Popularity

Best Tank Champions Based On Win Rate

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This Champion has almost everything you need to fit this role. Shields that block magic damage is the main reason you see this character in the mid. Galio also has the other important requirement for this role and that’s lots of CC Crowd Control.

This Character has long been regarded as one of the best tanky champions in League, this is mainly due to his W Ability that provides tons of extra Armor and Magic Resist Stats. The other note worthy mention would be the Q Ability, that provides crazy mobility for ganking lanes when they least expect it.