How To Get Aspect of the Stampede

The Aspect of the Stampede is not a Codex which means you will have to find it and extract it from Legendary Equipment that will randomly drop from enemies. The Aspect of the Stampede has a chance to appear on the following equipment slots:

1H Weapon
2H Weapon (+100%)
Amulet (+50%)

You can boost your chances of acquiring the Aspect of the Stampede by target farming monsters known to have a higher drop rate for the type of equipment where this aspect is typically found on. The following monster have a higher chance to drop equipment that can be found with the Aspect of the Stampede:

Best Builds To Use with Aspect of the Stampede

We have a total of (2) builds that use the Aspect of the Stampede. You can click/tap any Aspect of the Stampede build below to view the complete Build.

Best Malignant Hearts To Use With Aspect of the Stampede

The best malignant heart to use with Aspect of the Stampede is Caged Heart of The Moonrage, which is a Vicious Type Socket.

Best Skills To Use with Aspect of the Stampede

Druid Companion Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 50%
Cooldown: 11
Strong Synergy
Passive: Summon 2 wolf companions that bite enemies for {11% / 12% / 13% / 14% / 15%} damage.
Active: Direct your wolves to focus an enemy, leaping to them and striking for {135% / 146% / 157% / 168% / 179%} damage.
Poison Creeper
Druid Companion Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 28%
Cooldown: 20
Good Synergy
Passive: A poison creeper periodically emerges from the ground every 7 seconds and applies {36% / 40% / 43% / 47% / 50%} Poisoning damage over 6 seconds to an enemy in the area.
Active: Vines strangle all surrounding enemies, Immobilizing them for 2 seconds and Poisoning them for {90% / 99% / 108% / 117% / 126%} damage over 2 seconds.
Poison Creeper's Immobilize duration is increased by 1 second.
Poison Creeper's active Poisoning duration is increased by 3 seconds.
Your Critical Strike Chance is increased by 20% against enemies strangled by Poison Creeper.
Druid Companion Active
Lucky Hit Chance: 45%
Cooldown: 15
Good Synergy
Passive: 1 Raven flies above you and periodically attacks your enemies for 20% damage every 5 seconds.
Active: The target area is swarmed with ravens, dealing {160% / 176% / 192% / 208% / 224%} damage over 6 seconds.
You have 5% increased Critical Strike Chance against enemies for 6 seconds after they are hit by Ravens.
2 additional Ravens periodically attack enemies. Increase the passive damage of Ravens by 40%.
Enemies inside the swarm of Ravens when it is activated become Vulnerable for 3 seconds.

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