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Therian Thundurus Stats

Stats will become available near the game release date (November 18, 2022), during which this guide will be updated. In the meantime, you can view all the available Pokemon Stats by visiting our Pokedex or Best Pokemon Tier List.

How To Evolve Therian Thundurus in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How to get Therian Thundurus's transform item in Scarlet and Violet
Therian Thundurus transform item vendor

You will need to participate in the special auctions, you will need to get a bid card. These cards are acquired from the Pokémon Center in Porto Marinada and can be used at any of the three auction houses located around town. Once you have your bid card, special auctions from a fourth vendor may appear if you have this specific Pokémon within your boxes or party.

We are currently working on our Therian Thundurus Evolutions Guide. Meanwhile, you can view all Pokemon evolutions by visiting our Evolution Chart guide.


Where To Find Therian Thundurus Locations in Pokemon SV

Therian Thundurus Locations

Location How To Catch Pokemon Spawns

Pokemon SV Therian Thundurus Weakness

Therian Thundurus is a Type pokemon. This will cause Therian Thundurus to take More Damage from type moves, and Less Damage from type moves.

Therian Thundurus Type Weakness Chart
Damage Taken Types
Damage From
Damage From
Less Damage From
Less Damage From
to Damage From

What pokemon is Therian Thundurus Weak Against?
Increased Damage
Tier Pokemon Damage Taken Based on Move Type

What pokemon is Therian Thundurus Resistant Against?
Reduced Damage
Tier Pokemon Damage Taken Based on Move Type

Therian Thundurus Moves List

We are currently working on Moves List. Instead, you can view all learnable moves by visiting our All Moves List.