Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet generally do not have stat differences compared to their regular counterparts when going by past games. These Pokemon do not have higher stats, and their appearance is entirely cosmetic. The Shiny variants of Pokemon are incredibly rare and take time and patience to find, so it is best to prepare yourself before beginning to search.

Pokemon SV How To Catch Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon have a random chance to spawn out in the wild, and this base chance can be increased by completing certain conditions. It should be noted that not every Pokemon can be found Shiny; these Pokemon Shiny Locked, therefore you can not find them Shiny no matter how many times you encounter them. We will list the Pokemon that are Shiny Locked below, along with the base Shiny Chance and its multipliers.

  • All Static Pokemon; Legendary, Mythical, (This includes Phione and all Legendary Story Ecounters) are Shiny Locked
  • Starters are Shiny Locked
  • All Gift Pokemon are Shiny Locked
Condition Chance
Base Chance1 in 4096
Pokemon Research Level 101 in 2048.25
Perfect Research1 in 1024.38
Pokemon Research Level 10 with Shiny Charm1 in 819.60
Perfect Research with Shiny Charm1 in 585.57
List of Pokemon based on Type