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How to catch shiny Pokemon

Chaining also referred to as a "Catch Combo" is a method of increasing the Shiny Pokémon encounter rate by catching multiple Pokémon of the same species in a row (So catching multiple Pikachu Pokémon in a row). Shiny odds are increased with each successive Pokémon caught (Pikachu in this case), up to a certain point. You can also make and eat a sparkling sandwich to increase your chances of finding a shiny pokemon in scarlet and violet.

A more in-depth breakdown of your chance to encounter a shiny pokemon chart was made by a twitter user named Sibuna_Switch (Anubis).

How to make sparkling sandwiches for shiny pokemon hunting

The following is a list of the ingredients needed to make a sparkling sandwich (Shiny Pokemon Sandwich's). The sandwich Filling (Pickle, Ham, Basil) will determine what type of sandwich sparkling powers you will get. Note: Sparkling Power increase your chance of finding a shiny pokemon of that specific type in the wild.

  • Normal - 1x Chorizo, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Fire - 1x Basil, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Water - 1x Cucumber, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Grass - 1x Lettuce, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Flying - 1x Prosciutto, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Fighting - 1x Pickles, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Poison - 1x Noodles, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Electric - 1x Yellow Bell Pepper, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Ground - 1x Ham, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Rock - 1x Jalapeno, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Psychic - 1x White Onion, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Ice - 1x Klawf Stick, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Bug - 1x Cherry Tomatoes, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Ghost - 1x Red Onion, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Steel - 1x Hamburger, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Dragon - 1x Avocado, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Dark - 1x Smoked Fillet, 2x any Herba Mystica
  • Fairy - 1x Tomatoes, 2x any Herba Mystica

You can obtain Herba Mystica from 5-Star Raid Battles in Pokemon SV.

How To Chain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To begin chain catching for Shiny Pokémon, the player needs to encounter a Pokémon in the wild and weaken it without defeating it. The player then uses their PokéBall to attempt to catch the Pokémon. If successful, the next encounter will need to be with that same Pokémon. This process is repeated until the Shiny Pokémon is found or the chain is broken.

The chain is broken if the player fails to catch the Pokémon, if the Pokémon faints, or if a different species of Pokémon is encountered in the wild. This is what can make catching shiny pokemon such a challenge even with the Chaining Method.

  • Pokémon will refuse to auto battle with a Wild Shiny Pokemon.
  • You can go in other's worlds and steal their shinies.
  • If you turn off autosave in Scarlet and Violet, you can save your game right before encountering a rare shiny pokemon. When you reload your game, the pokemon will still be their and have the same stats as before.
  • Paradox Pokémon are not shiny locked.

Shiny Pokemon FAQs

How do I get the shiny charm?

The Shiny Charm is an item that increases the player's chances of encountering Shiny Pokémon. The Shiny Charm can be obtained by completing the National Pokédex.

What does shiny locked mean?

Shiny Locked Pokémon are Pokémon that can only be Shiny in certain circumstances. For example, the starter Pokémon in each region (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu) are Shiny Locked until after the player has defeated the Elite Four. Shiny Lock usually refers to Event Pokémon, such as Shiny Locked Meltan. Shiny Locked Pokémon cannot be Shiny hunted.
  • All Static Pokemon; Legendary, Mythical, (This includes Phione and all Legendary Story Ecounters) are typically Shiny Locked but not always
  • Starters are Shiny Locked
  • All Gift Pokemon are Shiny Locked

What pokemon are shiny guaranteed?

In-game Shiny Pokémon are pokemon that are always shiny no matter how many times you restart. Shiny Guaranteed Pokémon are usually Event Pokémon, and in some cases can be legendary pokémon.